La Chucheria

www.misopeckish.comArriving into Havana late in the morning, while Mr Wasabi stayed at home (at our case particular) as he was not feeling well I decided to head out to find some lunch close by thinking that Mr Wasabi only needed a couple hours of sleep.  Which turned out to be a 24 hour bug.

I decided to go somewhere where the owner of the casa particular recommended to me as a place to go for good ice cream and sandwiches – La Chucheria.   I was thinking ice cream would be perfect on a hot sunny day especially views of the waves lapping over the ocean in front.

I headed over to La Chucheria, which was more or less a sandwich shop selling a selection of toasted baguettes, pizza, breakfast times and drinks.   I did not see any ice cream fridges, but you an order ice cream.  Menu is presented in the form of a paper table mat that is available in either Spanish or English.

Joronero – consisting of a toasted baguette, ham, cooked ham, chorizo, gouda cheese and diced peppers.    The baguette was nicely toasted and cut in half with the signage of 2015 to ring in the new year.   it came with some home made chips  that were thing and crispy and very yellow.   I was not sure that these were made out of, as they did not have much taste to it.

I supposedly ordered a fruit milkshake, but what came out was yoghurt where the flavour was orange and pineapple.   I had not relised this until I drank it.  It was awfully thick and yoghurt flavoured to be a fruit milk shake.   I thought the better of it and drank it all.  It was not until i got the bill that it was yoghurt.


La Chucheria is popular with locals and tourists alike.  there was a queue when I arrived and when I had left.   This is a good place if you want to take a break and grab some western food or coffee.

Staff are friendly.  Food is made to order and what I can see from other patrons, is that their pizza’s looked the most delicious with a thin base that starts with a margarita but you have the option to add additional toppings at an extra charge.  A good popular eatery where you may have to wait a short while for a table.   However this is one of a few eateries that is open very early in the mornings for breakfast without having to go into Central or Old Havana.

Location:  Calle 1btwn Calles C & D, Havana,Cuba

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