Five Boroughs – Revisited

www.misopeckish.comIt has been a few months since I last visited this place.  I had always been talking up how good the smoked pastrami is with Mr Wasabi.  So today I decided to bite the bullet and take him there.

To be honest there was nothing on the menu that I felt like eating,  so we shared a couple of dishes.

Five Boroughs were fairly busy the day we visited and it only got busier where people were waiting at the counter for a table to become free.

Bottomless Coffee – Mr Wasabi thought the coffee was pretty good.  I had a sip and found that it was awefully weak.  When they say bottomless it was actually bottomless where the cup was constantly topped up.

Pastrami Sandwich – Certainly has changed a bit.  The bread was exceptionally thick which made for handling fairly hard, where Mr Wasabi ended up  using a knife and fork.  The first few bites of the pastrami was good but thereafter, we both found the pastrami to be awfully salty.   Mr Wasabi did commend how succulent  the smoke pastrami was.

Fries with Cheese and Gravy – This sounded similar to my much loved Canadian  poutine (fries, curds and gravy).   The fries have come a long way since I was there. Last time the fries were limp and oily.  They had clearly changed the fries to crispy, golden shoe string fries.  the cheese was very similar to the American processed cheeses that tasted similar to bechmel sauce, which actually tasted better when it was hot.  Once the cheese got cold, it turned into a plastic like texture which was not too pleasant.

Good but not great.  The saltiness of the pastrami was a huge let down.  The atmopshere was very noisy.  The fries was exceptionally expensive at $14 which I thought was definitely not value for money.

Location:  4 Roxburgh Street, Mt Victoria, Wellington

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