Tatsushi for Agedashi Tofu

www.misopeckish.comTatsushi would have to be the most authentic Japanese restaurant in Wellington.  Every time I visit this place it is either always full where you get turned away and full with Japanese patrons.

Just knowing that a few Japanese people dine here already tells me that this place has the seal of authenticity.

We have been here several times and have not been disappointed.  Please click here to for my previous reviews.

As usual, Mr Wasabi and I order a number of dishes to share:

Agedashi Tofu Hotpot with Exotic Mushrooms – had a good mix of mushrooms which included woodear, shitake, enoki etc and 4 pieces of deep fried agedashi Tofu, the liquid itself was fairly thick as if a lot of corn starch had been added to thicken the liquid.  This dish was accompanied with a bowl of rice which actually went well with the sauce and the various exotic mushrooms and tofu.


It was definitely a good dish to pick, especially if you are after something slightly different than your usual Sushi, sashimi, donburi flair.

Large Tempura Plate –  consisted of an assortment of tempura vegetables, 3 prawns and 2 pieces of white fish.   The batter itself is typical tempura batter, where it is light and airy.  At other eating establishments where they say tempura batter, it is usually thick and heavy (similar to normal batter).


Salmon Nigiri – two nigiri pieces are served.   The salmon is seared using a blow torch, which is not your usual raw slice of salmon on a stick of rice.   Served just how it should be without all the mayo fluff that you get at other Japanese sushi takeaway places that you find dotted around wellington.


Gyu Tataki Beef Nigiri – Rare beef on a stick of rice.  It was very rare, for those of you who oppose rare meat I would not recommend this dish.


Each of the nigiri was accompanied with a good portion of spicy wasabi paste and pickled ginger.

Snapper Chasuke – is basically what would be served to you last if you were to have a set menu in Japan.  Soup with rice and protein, in this instance it was three pieces of raw snapper that cooked itself in the hot soup.  And to continue to Japanese tradition, this dish was served last.


Great dining experiecne.. the only thin that could improve is the ventialtion of this place.  As I always come to with my clothes smelling of deep fry etc.

Location:  99 Victoria St, Te Aro, Wellington

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