Restaurant 88 – Never Fails to Impress

www.misopeckish.comI do not frequent Restaurant 88 as often as I would like just because Mr Wasabi is not a huge fan of Vietnamese food (perhaps this is because we had spend 2 weeks in Vietnam a few years ago, having Vietnamese for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Any how I wanted something light for dinner and was tossing between Mexican or Vietnamese.

We first headed to Restaurant 88 as it was closer, thinking if we could not get a seat we would head to Pan De Meurto.

Everytime I visit it always seems to be full, but managed to get a seat at one of the communal tables.  Please click here to read about our previous visit.

We ordered a few dishes to share

Roast Duck Wraps with Plum Sauce – this reminded of Peking duck, with the exception of hoisin sauce but its replacement was just as good – perhaps slightly on the sweeter side of things.  the wraps were the same thickness of a taco/burrito wrap that you can get at the supermarket but certainly was something made in house.

Drunken Salt and Pepper Baby Chicken – Herbal wine poached baby chicken  then fried until crispy sounds like Cantonese Crispy chicken to be honest.   the chicken itself had a mild flavour of five spice.  The chicken was nicely cooked where the meat was still succulent.  The dish came with a selection of dipping sauces which include hoisin, ginger & spring onion and  chilli sauce.

Banana Leaf Wrapped Baked Fish w Prawn and Papaya Salad – Today’s fish was Tarakihi.  it was delicious especially the lemongrass curry.  The fish was marinated with turmeric, dill & galangal, we had tried to ask for the dill to be omitted as both Mr Wasabi and I are not fond eaters of dill, but was told the fish had already been marinated in it.

Vietnamese Coffee –  drip coffee served with sweet condense milk and is fairly strong when compared to normal espresso coffee.  One of the novelties is to watch the coffee drip into the cup below.

Even though the prices for the dishes are fairly expensive, I am always  impressed with the flavours in which Restuaarnt 88 produces.   All are nicely seasoned and each dish is well balanced with the heavy (main star of the dish) with a side of salad.    The dishes are also of the right amount.

I would suggest if you are wanting to dine here, to make a reservation ahead of time to avoid disaapointment.

Location:  88 Tory St, Te Aro, Wellington
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