Wellington Night Market – Saturday Nights

It is about time that Wellington had a decent night market,  First it started with the Friday night market located in the cramped Old Bank Arcade just off Cuba Street.  Now recently (over summer) the night market has now expanded to Lower Cuba street with a good selection of food trucks/stands offering a diverse selection of street food.

There were a couple of food trucks that I have always wanted to try but never really had the opportunity/craving for it.

Panda Food Truck offering an assortment of Sichuan noodles (spicy noodles with some pork mince).


www.misopeckish.comWe ordered a bowl of Panda Mien – which came with wheat noodles some small amounts of vegetables  spicy chilli sauce in which you can decide to choose how spicy you want, topped with some chopped spring onions.


I was hoping the noodles were fresh,b ut they were dried packet noodles and hence one of the reasons why it took 10 minutes for the noodles to become ready.   I know if I was in there cooking the noodles they would be flying out the door.  One annoying thing is that  everything is weighed, even the noodles.


I found the noodles to be over cooked – bit to soft for my liking even though there were not many people queuing for the noodles.   there was just enough sauce to coat the noodles.  It was good to try, though I must admit the DanDan noodles at Eden Noodles is by far superior, with a greater depth of flavour.

Thai Food Truck is a new stall which I have not seen before.  But welcome any delicious food truck serving up authentic affordable street food.


Fish Cakes –  when we popped by, they just had a batch coming off the deep fryer, which meant they were pipping hot.  $5 for 5 pieces were ok.  The fish cakes had a good texture and flavours to them.  They were accompanied with cucumber, sweet chilli sauce, chilli flakes and chopped peanuts.


Deep Fried Green Bananas – not as good as the ones you find in Thailand.  the batter for the bananas is fairly thin and light.  the ones you find in Thailand is more thicker, crunchier and sweeter.


You get to choose either chocolate or maple syrup sauce to be drizzled over the banana.  We opted for half and half to get a tasting of the two.  My personal preference was for the maple syrup as it helped to enhance the flavour of the banana, while the chocolate over powered the banana.

The night market is open from 5pm-10pm Saturday evenings.

Location:  Lower Cuba Street, Te Aro Wellington

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