The Birth of Annam

www.misopeckish.comAnnam is the new partnership between NAM and Arbitrager bringing you a fusion of French/Vietnamese Cuisine.  Annam still holds itself as a bar also, for those of you who are after a drink or few.

They have been opened for a few weeks now, so I thought it would be time for me to visit this place, as I am always looking for something more decent than the deep fried sushi stores and the horrid buffet 5 choice Chinese lunches.

Service is in different, a waiter is assigned to their own areas and you can only order or ask for things from you specific waiter – which is a pain as I can clearly see some waiters doing nothing, while others were out to please other patrons.   I ended up waiting a while before I could flag my waiter for service to take my order.

I ordered a noodle soup which took ages for it to arrive.  Really? how long does it actually take to cook some noodles and pour in some broth?

Bun Bo Hue – was advertised as authentic spicy beef and pork hock noodle soup.   I have more grips about this dish:

1.  the noodles are broken/cut to small pieces which meat picking up the noodles with your chopstick proved difficult.
2.  the soup was luke warm and if you actually wanted to cook your ‘fresh herbs’ (which consisted of bean sprouts, thinly sliced spring onions and red cabbage you would need to think again), it was definitely not hot enough at all.

Bun Bo Hue is suppose to be a spicy soup but I did not find this soup spicy at all.  there was probably a ration of 50:50 noodles vs ‘fresh’ herbs.

The soup itself I found to be exceptionally salty.   I ended up sculling 3-4 glasses of water.

I am quite disappointed in this lunch time dining experience and at $19 for a bowl of noodle soup is fairly expensive when compared to other Vietnamese eateries in Wellington.

However I would love to try some other dishes in the near future to see how ‘authentic’ they actually are.

Location:  125 Featherston Street, Wellington

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