What we ate at Panama International Airport

One annoying thing when you decide to transit through an airport as opposed to flying direct is that there would be some unknown delays with one of your flights, and that is what happened to us when we were flying from Havana to Cancun via Panama City.

Our flight from Panama City to Cancun was delayed by an hour and a half and the Copa Airlines lounge which is operated in conjunction with United Airlines, and  we all know what that means.  Very limited food and what ever there was, was inflenced by United Airlines.   So you would com to expect same foods in the Copa Airlines Lounge as you would in all the United Airways lounges that we had/going to visit during our trip.

Having knowing what food is provided in the lounge and the delay with our flight, Mr Wasabi and I headed off to the food court to get something with more sustenance rather than chips crackers and plastic cheese.

Carl’s Junior

www.misopeckish.comI think after having pork, chicken, rice for the past week, Mr Wasabi was having withdrawals from fatty fast American/Western food.  I on the other hand was far from craving this ‘quality’ food.  Mr Wasabi ended up ordering a Star Burger combo.

Famous Star Burger – Beef patty, onions, tomato, lettuce and sauce.  the beef pattie was thing similar to what you get in a McDonalds Big Mac.  Having one bite, I thought the burger was ok.  the salad seemed fairly fresh with whole pieces of fresh, crispy ice berg lettuce, onions and tomatoes.   To me it tasted fairly similar to the burger we had at In and Out Burger.


Fries – French fires with their skin on.  Some of the fries were nice and crispy while others were not.


Drink – What gets me when you visit America is the size of the cups you get.  a medium is like an extra large size.   I never understood why you would need to drink so much especially when there is a refilling drinks machine in which you can help yourself to.

Not the cheapest nor healthiest of foods but you do what you got to do when travelling.  Other food outlets on offer was this fried chicken shop, Hagen Daas, Cinnamonbon, this restaurant and bar and a Naturally Fast offering pasta, salads and empanadas.


Naturally Fresh

www.misopeckish.comFor those of you who are not familiar with Empanada’s they are basically a folded baked pastry stuff with various fillings which tends to be either chicken, beef or ham and cheese which originates from South America.

I first saw these when we were trusting at Panama on our way to Havana, but never had the opportunity to try one until today.

Beef Empanada – These are warmed in the microwave when purchased.   The pastry itself is fairly thick with very little filling, which is made from minced beef.  Mr Wasabi and I shared one and halved it.  My half was fine.  The pastry was soft, however half of his pastry was hard and dry.   Not the most value for money snack to be had there.

Fairly costly at $3.50USD each for something that is warmed in the microwave.  If you are after a substantial snack then I would not recommend an empanada.

Location:  Main food court at Panama International Airport

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