Saquella Espresso Club

www.misopeckish.comSaquella Espresso Club is a local cafe chain in Panama City.  Serving a selection of teas, coffee and alcoholic beverages as well as counterfood and cooked food off the menu.

Having had an unsatisfactory dinner at Solo, we thought we should pop into Saquella that was located in our Hotel for a spot of dessert to cap the night off.

We arrived quite late in the evening, there were just a couple of people having a few drinks. The kitchen had just closed and they were cleaning the coffee machine, but was still serving a small selection of food which also included dessert.   Their pastries looked very appealing but managed to ween myself off the temptation of ordering one.

The cafe is clean, modern, spacious with comfortable seating.

Creme Caramel –   had a good wobble to it with the right amount of caramel.  The creme caramel was smooth and silky.   Quite a nice tasting cremem caramel which is one of Mr Wasabi’s favourite desserts.

Peppermint Tea – hot and refreshing.  there is nothing more that I could ask for in a nice hot tea.

This is a good place if you want something clean, air conditioned and food away from home.

Location: Hilton Hotel, Level 2,  Balboa Avenida & Aquilino de la Guardia, Panama City, Panama

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