Airline Review – Copa Airlines – Cancun to Panama City

www.misopeckish.comCopa Airlines was developed to service the Caribbean, but has since expanded when it joined forces with Continental Airlines where it has recently been merged with United Airlines.

Not knowing what to expect from Copa Airlines, having flown United Airlines where everything else such as bags, food etc are purchased separately onto of your base fare (similar to Air New Zealand’s structure).  I was telling myself not to have a high expectation on this flight.

We flew out of terminal 2, where there is no lounge, but was informed there is a lounge in Panama – not much help that was.  but there are plenty of eating establishments at the airport such as Johnny Rocket, Bubba Gump Shrimp, Star Bucks etc etc..

Boarding calls were made 30 minutes prior to our departure time.  First Class passengers are given priority to board first, followed by Star Gold then everyone else.

We were initially seated in exit isle seats, but these are reserved for passengers who can understand and speak the local language of the carrier, so they placed us elsewhere.   We had no issue with this, just in case the plane did have an issue and had to make an emergency landing, instructions on what to do would be shouted in Spanish.  We were re-seated on the first row after the first class section, where it had plenty legroom.

30 minutes into the flight the cabin crew were pushing their trolleys down the isle, offering a hot meal of either Hotcakes with maple syrup or eggs.  Mr Wasabi and I opted for one of each, so we could try them both out, even though I secretly wanted to have some protein, but got stuck with hot cakes.

Entertainment screens dropped down from the overhead lockers (communal screens) where they played a movie during the flight.

Hot Cakes – were soft and fluffy.  Simple and good but not overwhelming needed to ask for a second serving.

Scrambled eggs with re-fried beans – eggs are as to be expected the reared beans has a slight crust to them, which wasn’t very nice and to be honest protein plus protein is not exactly the best thing to eat.

It was great to see a hot meal onboard a short haul flight, as most airlines tend to go down the purchase on board  system.  Service was excellent, where they even helped us fill in the arrival forms as they were completely in Spanish.  Great full service airline which is a rarity these days.

Our flight to Panama city flight departed on time.

I flew on an 737-800 where the seating configuration is 3×3

Flight time: 2.5 hours

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