Airline Review – Interjet Economy – Mexico City to Villaheramosa

www.misopeckish.comOne would ponder what would a local Mexican airline would be like.  What type of service is offered, how good is the the check in process etc.

The check-in process was efficient with several check-in desks open  there were short queues in all of them, so the queuing process was manageable perhaps 5 minutes.

I was able to ask for window seat which was given to me without any issues.

We all boarded the plane ahead of departure time which meant we took off on time.   Safety demonstration was provided in both Spanish and English on the communal entertainment screens.

Not long after take off, the seat belt signs turned off and the cabin crew started to push the drinks trolley down the isle.


We were offered a selection of non-alcoholic beverages as well as a biscuit of either raisin biscuit or a mango flavoured fruit biscuit that looks similar to the Arnotts ‘Full of Fruit’ that is filled with a mango jam.

During take off and landing,  the onboard camera at the front of the plane allows you to view what the pilots see dead in front, which was fairly entertaining.

Service was excellent and efficient.  I would definitely recommend flying them.


Seating configuration is 3×3

Flight time:

I flew Interjet a320


Interjet flights from Mexico City to Villerheramosa xxx times a day.

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