El Comalito Inn

www.misopeckish.comOne of the problems that you are faced with when you stay at a resort is that you are forced to eat every meal at the resort if there is nothing close by, which may not necessarily be value for money.   Lucky for us there were a small number of shops opposite to where we were staying and one of them just so happened to be El Comalito Inn, serving good authentic Mexican street food such as tacos, sopes, quesadilla etc.

Ele Comalito Inn is a small simple store front with a handful of tables outside.   Which is run by a family where the ladies do all the cooking while a man (the sole person who speaks English) serves the customers.   The menu is in both Spanish and English.  We went ahead and ordered a few items, as I was craving for some authentic Mexican food and was wanting to try some other items which I have not yet tried on this trip.

Peach Juice – nice thick nectar juice that was not too sweet or artificial.


Papa con Chorizo Quesadillas – Potatoes with sausage – was more like a oval shape taco which was the folded in half lengthwise.   It was slightly crispy, and stuffed with chopped potatoes and chorizo.   Was not the best queasier i have had partly due to the contents of the filling, but this is what Mr Wasabi wanted.

Pastor Gorditas – Gorditas is two semi crispy tacos sandwiching your chosen filling in which case mine was pork.   The gordita was delicious and full of flavour especially with the inclusion of the poblano sauce which gave it the spicy kick that I was wanting.  The juices from the pastor helped soften the crispy parts of the grottier.  It was slightly bit hard to eat with your hand as the filling squeezed out from the sides every time I took a bite of the gorditas.  Half of my gordita was usurped by Mr Wasabi who thought it was better than this quesdillia.

Tinga de Res Taco – Shredded of beef Tinga – the tacos were thin but was more on the crispy side, rather than soft tortillas which I have had previously.   The beef was warm, full of flavour and the accompany condiments provided a nice kick to it.

Chuleta Sope – diced pork which tasted more like smoked pork sitting onto of a layer of refried beans and a thick layer of corn dough and topped off with shredded cabbage.   My first experience of a sope definitely was not like this sope more like a Hauraacaha, which I knew was not a proper sope at the time.   I wanted to try a proper sope to see what it was like.  it was ok if you like a thick corn dough base.   It was not really to my liking, as I would much prefer a taco or a gortidas.


Great, cheap, authentic Mexican food the tacos were all made to order as you can see one of the ladies using a tortilla press, pressing the various tacos etc as our food was being made.

Location: Zona Hotelera, Benito Juarez,Cancun, Quintana Roo, México

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