The Surfin Burrito

www.misopeckish.comArriving into Cancun early in the evening after a full day of travelling, I was looking for some good spicy Mexican food.    There was a place opposite our hotel called Surfing Burrito, which are known for their burritos.   Surfing Burrito is a small outdoor ‘stall’ with communal bench type seating and stools for chairs, where you ‘plonk’ yourself on any available stool you can find.   Food is then delivered to you in takeaway containers, wrappers like a cheap take away eatery.

Burritos are made to order where you fill in a form by ticking what type of wrap you would like, the various fillings you would like included in your burrito etc.   We ordered a couple of items to try.   There was a 30 minute wait for our food, so we ordered a couple of drinks while we waited.

Corona – I was surprised that you can get a 1.2 litre bottle of Corona beer here, which seemed like a novelty so ordered one to share with Mr Wasabi.

Fresh Fruit Smoothie – Boy was i surprised at the size of these fruit smoothies.  They were massive and perhaps over ordered on beverage.

Mahi Mahi Burrito w onions, guacamole, corn, salsa, red peppers, rice, beans, cheese.  The burrito itself was very heavy.  I did not see too many pieces of the fish in amongst a thick layer of onion.  the burrito itself was flavoursome and full of juice,where i struggled to eat it cleanly.

Jerk Chicken and Chips – Having made jerk chicken at home with this brought jerk chicken marinate, I was expecting this jerk chicken to be spicy.  This was not the case.  the black seasoning was more savoury and sweet than spicy.

I must admit prior to my visit to Mexico, I thought a burrito was part of the typical Mexican menu.  But this is not the case.   Burritos were developed to cater towards the Westerners.   Food was ok.  Not very authentic, but more of a place to get a drink with friends, meet people etc.   The food was eatable but certainly not the best I have had.    Serving sizes here are massive where one item is enough to feed two mouths – I guess since Cancun lies close to American and a lot of Americans visit this resort town, the serving sizes follow their US counterparts.

Location: Boulavard Kukulcan, Zona Hotelera, Cancun, Mexico

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