La Chaya Maya

www.misopeckish.comLa Chaya Maya is a very popular eatery for both locals and tourists alike.   Mr Wasabi immediately thought ‘I am not coming here’ as he saw quite a lot of tourists dining.  But I managed to convince him to stay.

It was fairly late in the evening as we had great difficulty trying to find our hotel to check in.  We arrived 10 minutes before La Chaya Maya were going to close, lucky that I had phone earlier to check what time they were open till, as I did not want to arrive to find they had just closed.   I was surprised to find that there were still a queue of people waiting for a table to become free.   Even after the doors were closed more patrons were trying to get in, but they were turned away

We waited around 15-20 minutes in which I entertained myself by looking at the menu and watching the ladies make the tortillas fresh to order who were sitting by the window.

All the staff members were wearing their authentic Yucatan costumes which sorta made this restaurant feel a bit

We ordered a couple of light dishes to share.

There is one good thing about dining in Mexico, and that is they tend to give you complimentary Corn Chips with an assortment of condiments.    Which is quite nice when you want to nibble on something while you wait for your mains to arrive.

As we were waiting for our mains, I noticed on each table, the napkin holders were all different of a man and a lady dressed/painted with different outfits.

Salad with Chicken – refreshing for one who had  not had much vegetables in the past week.   the grilled chicken was flatted to a snitznel, that tasted and cooked in a a similar style as a tandoor chicken.

We were both pleasantly surprised how good and value for money this place is that we wanted to go back the following day for lunch, but due to time constraints and the delay with our flight, meant we had less time than that we had anticipated in spending in Merida

Pork cooked in Banana Leaf – was interesting I was expecting some port and rice to be wrapped in banana leaf  but it was in fact slow braised beff on a thin strop of banana leaf.   The pork itself was tender and and on the verge of being pulled.  it was fairly salty but none the less quite nice.

The dish came with some fresh, warm handmade toritlla which was beautifully presented in a hollowed out gourde wrapped in a cloth to keep them


Mr Wasabi was fairly impressed that he waned to come here again, but time never permitted since our flight was delayed by several hours which meant we had less time in Merida than we had thought and had to leave fairly early the following morning to our next stop.

Location:  Calle 55 No 510, Merida, Mexico

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