El Camello Jr

www.misopeckish.comEl Camello Jr is famed for having Tulum’s freshest seafood.  We made a trip specifically to see the Tulum Ruins before our long drive to Merida.  We thought that we would get into Merida fairly late where restaurants would have just shut, so we decided to make a quick stop at El Camello Jr which is located at the other end of the town, where we thought we were leaving town until I spotted the restaurant .

I was not expecting much of a crowd due to its location but there was a long wait.  We ideally wanted to dine in, but due to the time constraints that we had and the fact we had to drive for another 3-4 hours to Merida  we decided to order a couple of dishes to take away.

Large bag of Corn Chips – even though we were taking away, I did not think we would get any corn chips,but I was mistaken.  When we opened our takeaway bag, the first time that jumped out was the very large bag of corn chips.


Mixed Ceveche – I initially thought the mixed ceveche was a combination of shrimp and a variety of fishes.  We deiced to eat at our car, it was getting dark and had not realised the ceveche included snails until Mr Wasabi had said something.   I started to slow down on the ceveche, making sure my next bites did not include snails.


Fried Fish – was delicious.  Golden, fresh, crispy on the outside and succulent and juicy int he middle.   It came with a number of condiments which included tacos, rice, beans, salsa and vegetables.   Definitely value for money.


We managed to finish the fish but only ate half of the cevche.  The serving size of the ceveche was much more than had anticipated and handle.

Location:  Carretera Chetumal-Cancun Locales 1 y 2 Lte 3 Mza 40, Centro, 77600 Tulum, Mexico

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