El Reyna

www.misopeckish.comAfter having some delicious ceviche for lunch, Mr Wasabi was hoping to have something delicious for dinner.  We decided to head to El Reyna which seems to be more like hangout joint for the young.   

The decor is a little funky with an assortment of antique toys hanging on the walls and pop art on the other side, playing an assortment of classic American pop music.

Very limited English is spoken here, but we managed to get by ok.

We ordered couple of light dishes as we were both not hungry but thought we should get a light bite somewhere close by.

It seems that at most restaurants that you go to in Mexico, you are offered complimentary corn chips and is definitely one of those snacks where you start eating you will not be able to stop.  thats what happened to me.  I just kept munching on these delicious morsels even after our dishes had arrived.

Fries – There are so many more foods than fres, but this is what Mr Wasabi wanted to eat.  I guess he was getting a bit sick of Mexican food?  The fries were nicely cooked, golden and crispy, though slightly bit on the salty side.


Empanada w prawn, cheese and avocado.  This type of empanada is deep fried as opposed to being baked.  The pastry is very thick, not the best but it was worth a try to see how they compared to South American empanandas.  I personally much prefer the ones in South America.


Las Cax Velas – El Gjillo (with onions and mushrooms) – this is more like a  Spanish style casserole served with warm soft tacos.hot pot/casserole. It had good rich flavours to it.  Lots of prawns with very little mushrooms but did go well with the accompanying soft tacos.



This place is great for catching up with friends in a casual setting for a drink and bite to eat.  Food is affordable.  If you get to try this place I would recommend one of the Las Cas Velas.

Location:Plaza Hahra’s, Prolongación 27 de Febrero S/N, Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico

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