La Cevicheria Tabasco

www.misopeckish.comWow what a find.   After having so many meat tacos, I was certainly in the mood for something fresh and light.   Now that we were nearer to the coast, we decided to find some ceveche.  After dropping our bags at the hotel, we headed out to find some lunch, specifically ceviche.

La Cevicheria is not located in town, but across the river, like most good eating establishment Villahermosa, most are dotted around Villahermosa where you need to drive from one place to another.  La Cevecheria serves a selection of tacos, tostadas and ceviche

La Cevicheria did not offer an English menu, but we managed to get by  with the help of one of the friendly staff members who spoke good enough English to understand some of the dishes,  though it was fairly easy to understand a ceviche, taco and toastatas with a selection of fish.

Shrimp Soup – We were given a complimentary soup which was perhaps  a few mouth fulls.   It tasted more like a tom yum soup made from dried shimps and shrimp heads.   The soup was slighty spicy but provided a nice kick to it.

Matali Horchata – is a drink that is specific to this area.  This tasted more like hibiscus tea, which was sweet like cordial.   It was good to try, but not my go to drink.

It seems to be a norm to have free taco chips served with your meal.   We were astounding by the number of condiments of various sauces that is to be used with your tostadas.  we originally tried the sauces with our tacos, which I am sure the locals do not eat it that way, which is like us saying we do not eat steam BBQ Pork Buns with Soy Sauce, where one of Mr Wasabi’s ex work colleagues whom we had yum cha with ordered a steam BBQ Pork Bun and dipped in soy sauce.   that is certainly now how you eat a BBQ Pork Bun.

Octopus Ceviche –  The ceviche was very refreshing with a sweet, salty and zingy flavours.  The octopus was very tender.  The sweetness came from the delicious fresh pineapple.

Marlin Taco – flossed marlin mixed with yuka which like similar to a potato made this taco fairly heavy.   I did not enjoy this as much as Mr Wasabi.  it certainly had the flavours, and an floury, waxy texture like a taro.

Carnita Tuna Taco – by looking at the taco you would thing this was a meat taco with a pulled meat texture.   Another heavy taco, which I quite liked, but Mr Wasabi thought differently to it.

Mixed tostada – the staff member who served us offered a selection of mixed tostatada which are basically an oversized round crispy corn chip topped with your selected filling.

Tuna Tostada – infused in beer, certainly was a selling point.  Chopped tuna w finely sliced red onions and tomatoes topped with crispy fried spring onions and avocado.   The tuna was tender with the right amount of acidity with a subtle flavour of beer, served on a delicious crispy tostada

Marlin Tostada – chopped marlin served with cucumber and topped with the same toppings as the Tuna tostada

– Shrimp Tostada – sweet with a lot of prawns.  You can definitely taste the lime juice in which the prawns had been marinated in.

Spicy meat Tostada – I did not find this very spicy even adding additional spicy sauce  to it.    I was not sure what the meat was but it was tender and succulent with the right level of acidity like all the other tacos and tostadas that we had.

It is very interesting to see how all the different fish is marinated in different spices.  Most of the dishes have the usual condiments of onions, tomatoes, coriander and fried spring onions.  It  was great to have such a good range of sauces to choose from to add to our taco and tostadas.  If you are in Villahermosa and looking for good decent ceviche, I definitely recommend a visit to this beautiful but friendly Cevicheria.  You may initially think the prices are quite steep.  But comparing the prices of the dishes here to similar dishes at other eating establishments, it makes this place pretty cheap.   As I had had first hand nagging from Mr Wasabi, who said ‘you are better off ordering xyz, as it was more value for money than the ceviche’. However after dining at other restaurants in xxx  and looking at the prices of their ceviche, I gave Mr Wasabi the evil eye, as he denied me from ordering more  cevehe at La Cevicheria.   His response was ‘blah blah blah’.  I still have not forgiven him.

Location:  86067, Francisco Jose Hernandez Mandujano 111, Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico

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