Fonda Santa Rita

www.misopeckish.comSo Mr Wasabi thought he would be clever at picking a place for dinner, where he based it on food being cooked at the front of the store, which I must admit, the food did look appealing.

We decided to get a seat inside Fonda Santa Rito which is a fairly large restaurant where a lot of locals were eating.   Thinking that this place would be fairly good due to the number of diners eating in and the fact that the food is made and cooked fresh.  We ordered a few dishes to try before ordering the whole store.    We waited for a long time before our food started to arrive, to the point that I was just about to leave.

Sope Con Pollo – grilled chicken on what you would call an extra large and slightly thicker taco.  There are very little words to say about this dish.  the sope was in an oval shaped smealed with mashed beans with a tasteless grilled chicken.   Regardless of the amount of sauce I topped on the sope, it still lacked that depth of flavour.

Taco Chuletta -shredded pork on a taco had much better flavours than the sope, but was not as good as the tacos at other tacqueia which I had visited (Please check my other reviews in Mexico City) did find the meat to be slightly dry.  It same with a slice of tomato and avocado.

Caldo Pierna (Chicken Soup) – was just that. fairly oily with a large piece of chicken which was fairly dry.

Did not enjoy this place at all.   Food was fairly oily and tasteless.  The menus were all in Spanish, but managed to get by ok.    I definitely will not be returning here, as there are other places that you can dine at with similar prices that are more tasty.

Location:  Independencia 10, Cuauhtemoc, Mexico City, Mexico

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