Churreria El Moro

www.misopckeckish.comYou cannot visit mexico without having a churros, and there is no better place on a cold wintery day than to grab some churros and hot chocolate to dips the freshly cooked churros into.  What drew us to this place like most other places it the eye catching crowd of locals flocking to get their its on this local delacacy which was established since 1935.   There was a queue to dine in, so we opted to take away, even with this there was also a queue.

One interesting thing about this place is that part of their kitchen is open, so you can see the churros being deep fried, and coated with sugar and served to customers taking away.   the churros here are cooked in batches like a long rope fallen in a circular pile, which is then cut to similar lengths, dusted in sugar and packed into paper bags to keep their crispness.

If you wanted to dine in, there is a man in this little booth on the left of the entrance where you pick up a ticket which denotes your number in the queue, where you then wait for your number to be called, where one of the staff memembers will direct you to a table.

If taking away, you snake your way into the restaurant on the right hand side where you place your order with a person behind a small booth, where you are then given a paper ticket, which then you go to the booth next along to pay for your order.  You then queue by the kitchen door with your ticket where someone will ask for your ticket, asking you whether you would like plain sugar or sugar and cinnamon sugar.  Since we could not understand what they were saying Mr Wasabi just nodded and we ended up with plain sugar coated churros – not my preference but it does not matter.

Our hot chocolate and churros was ready in no time.

The Churros was warm, crispy on the outside leaving the very centre slightly soft – The perfect churros.

The Hot Chocolate was pipping hot, slightly thick and not too sugary.  Though i must admit the hot chocolate gradually got sweeter and sweeter  the more times we were dipping our churros into the hot chocolate  as the sugar from the churros was left behind in the hot chocolate every time the churros was dipped.

A very popular dessert place with the locals.  If you are after some good authentic hot chocolate and churros I do recoomend giving this place a try.   Open 24 hours, you sure will not need to deprive yourself a sweet regardless what time of day it is

Location:  Eje Central Lazaro Cardenas 42, Centro, Mexico City, Mexico

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