Taqueria Los Cocuyos

www.misopeckish.comNothing really beats slow braised meats and offal bubbling away in a large pot in terms of flavour.  This type of cooking reminds me of the street food you an get in Hong Kong, where you see an assortment of meats bubbling away in a large vats.

As with most street food outlets around Mexico City,  Los Cocuyos is basically a hole in the wall taco joint, serving a handful of different meat tacos that are assembled on demand.

I ordered a Suadera (beef) Taco where slices of beef is taken from a large chunk of slow braised beef, which is then hand chopped to a nearly minced texture.   I initially thought the amount of beef being chopped was not going to be enough for my taco. I was wrong, and I was lunch not going to question the guy with years of experience, serving up delicious tacos, he would know better.

As with all tacos you order they are heated on the grill where the meat is then added.  The beef taco is served with chilli and onion, and you apply your own sauce.


I must say, this was the best beef taco I have had on my trip so far.  The beef is succulent, tender and full of flavour, and the fact that there was a lot of filling in proportion to the size of the taco.


These simple, basic, cheap street food vendors are definitely worth a visit, and I recommend giving Los Cocuyos a try.  If I had more time in Mexico, I would have definitely returned on an emptier stomach to order other flavoured tacos.

Location:  Calle Bolívar 54, Colonia Centro, Mexico City, Mexico

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