El Huequito

www.misopeckish.comEl Huequito specalising in El Pasteur which is marinated pork roasted on a spit similar to how middle eastern cook their meet.  This flagship store does not have a sit-down area.  it is more or less the experience of street food that draws us to this place.  There are other branches with a restaurant attached where you can sit down.

One of the draw cards to this type of taco shop is to see the large mound of porking being grilled, which gradually gets smaller and smaller throughout the day as more and more people order the el pasteur



We ordered two el pasteur tacos where we ae asked we wanted chilli, onions etc..  As Mr Wasabi cannot handle the heat, we ordered one with the ‘works’, while the other without chilli.

As with most tacos, they are made to order.  these where rolled  like a enchilada. and served on a plastic plate.  The tacos were commercially made, fairly thin but are reheated on the grill where the pork and cheese is added until it is melted.  then onions chilli etc is added at the end and then grilled to close the taco slightly.

the meat was succulent as you would expect fro this kind of cooking technique.

Location:  Calle Ayuntamiento 21, Cuauhtemoc, Centro, Mexico City, Mexico

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