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www.misopeckish.comArriving at Burbank Airport for our scheduled flight to Mexico City via San Francisco to be on time, where we were told upon check-in that our flight had been delayed by an hour due to weather issues in San Francisco.  We kept our eyes on the departure board in case our flight departure time would changed.   Our flight departure was pushed back by another half hour and Mr Wasabi suggested we get something to eat as it was going to be a long night since we were not sure what  time we would be getting into San Francisco and the only thing that was open that provided ‘real food’ was Lunchbox Cafe and Restaurant offering a good array of foods from salads, burgers, pastas etc.

Pan-Seared Ahi w Wild Arugula & Candied Walnuts – The size of the salad was very large, I had forgotten that American portion sizes are enough to feed two.   I requested to have the dressing on the side as I and no idea what to expect with the salad dressing in America, whether the salad would drenched in dressing or whether it would have a light dusting.  The tuna was perfectly seared, encrusted with black and white sesame seeds.  Mr Wasabi who had belittled my salad when he asked what I was going to order, was impressed  with the tuna, where he ended up helping himself to half of it.

Burger w Mushroom, Pesto and Manchego Cheese.  When we ordered the burger, we were asked how we would like the beef pattie to be cooked.  Mr Wasabi’s response was ‘medium rare’ expecting the www.misopeckish.combeef pattie to be slightly pink in the middle.


Mr Wasabi was rubbing his hands in anticipation for the anticipation of his burger.    The burger arrived with the lettuce and tomato placed on the side.  The beef pattie was topped with pesto and the melted manchego cheese.   After taking a bite of the burger, and inspecting the beef pattie you can clearly see that it was over done.   There was no pink in the beef pattie what so ever.   Apart from the over cooked patty, the remainder of the burger was fairly delicious, with a soft lightly toasted bun and succulent portobello mushroom and a tasty pesto.

We had no choice but to dine here as Burbank airport is very small and this was the only restaurant offering a variety of foods.  The food is bearable, but would only recommend dining here if you had no other choice, otherwise I would suggest find something outside the airport or wait to when you arrive to your destination.

Location:  2627 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, Los Angeles, United States

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