La Bella Italia – Take 2

www.misopeckish.comWhat’s not to love about good authentic Italian food?   La Bella Italia is one of my favourite Italian restaurants in Wellington. The one good thing about La Bella Italia is that it no only  serve food cooked to order, it is also a deli.

And a place where you can buy your Italian imported dried pasta, sauces, cured meats and cheese etc –  a one stop shop for all things Italian.

There is a good amount of seating in the middle of the shop where you can see into the Kitchen and Pizzeria.

We ordered a couple of dishes for lunch.

Iced Coffee –  Coffee beans by a local coffee roaster – L’affare.   I was told by the staff that the ice coffee comes with a scoop of coffee flavoured ice cream, when it arrived it was actually a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Bit disappointed in the fact that I was mislead on the ice cream flavour as I was after exactly that, a different flavour.

Flat White – as to be expected, double shot espresso with a nice looking coffee art at the top.

Fish of the day – Kingfish with oven roasted potatoes.  I managed to swap the potatoes for an orange and fennel salad, which the staff was more than happy to do.  Two pieces of kingfish stacked on top of each other with the salad on the side.  The fish was beautifully cooked and seasoned.  Mr Wasabi started to help himself to my fish and before I knew it, he had consumed more than half of my fish.

Pumpkin and Mascapone Ravioli – five very large ravioli in a sage butter sauce with crispy panchetta, was devinve.  Will definitely fill the stomach for someone who is famoushed.   It was more than enough for Mr Wasabi, who forced me to eat one, though bearing in mind he did eat more than half of my king fish.

Great casual atmosphere, with a  wide selection of food from the menu which includes antipasto, pizza, pasta, mains, dessert which are made to order by Italians.   We also did a spot of grocery shopping afterwards.  This is my go to place when I am wanting some good Italian food without the price tag.

Location:  10 Nevis St, Petone, Lower Hutt, Wellington

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