Airline Lounge Review: Christchurch Regional – Koru Express

www.misopeckish.comThere are pros and cons when flying out of Christchurch airport and that is dependant on your departure flight, whether it is on one of the smaller regional airplanes or the larger 737 or A320 jets.

With the new domestic terminal at Christchurch Airport, it has been separated into two.  Regional and Other where regional represents smaller aircrafts such as Bombardier Q300, ATR72 and Beech 1900D to the smaller town centres and to Wellington.  and the Other represents the larger cities serviced by the larger 737 and a320 jets.

The regional airport has a small Koru express lounge which is available to Star Gold, Koru club members, which is also known as Fly Thru Coffee stop.

This is more of a cafe but has a small area behind the store front that offers a small selection of foods to go which includes cheese, crackers, sweet slices and muffins, soup and sliced breads.

It is only useful if you want something quick on the go or have very little time to go to the main Koru Lounge.  If you do have more time,  I would recommend you to use the main Koru lounge, as it offers a larger array of food including cooked food, salads, etc and more privacy.

Guests are not permitted into the Koru Express lounges in Christchurch or Auckland.

Amenities:  Snack foods on the go, free wifi using the same username and password as the main kore lounge, freshmen’s (snacks and beverages)

Hours:  not known

Location:  Centre of the regional departure gates

Verdict:  Not a busy lounge.  Offers a small selection of refreshments.   This Koru express is manned by the same people behind the FlyThru coffee stop, where they will sometimes come out to check your boarding passes.

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