Crab Shack Wellington Revisited

www.misopeckish.comKnowing Crab Shack gets quite popular with the locals and tourists a like I decided to take my mum out for some crab, as I know my other siblings would never take her out to places like this.  This is probably our first time over a year since we last visited, see my previous review here.

As we were all not very hungry, we thought we would just order a paddle crab. But you know me – can never visit a place without ordering just the one dish and ended up ordering a few dishes to share.

We waived down a waitress who just so happened to be walking past so we can put our order in.   We were told that ‘our’ waitress will be with us soon.   I was thinking ‘really, the Crab Shack has designated waitresses for each table?’  I personally am not a fan of this system, as you tend to wait longer than necessary.

Crab and Prawn Cakes – 3 crab and prawn cakes make up this patter for $15.  The outside had a crumb coating that was golden and crispy.  I failed to see many crab, but Mr Wasabi and my mum said it was fine.  Maybe it was my crab and prawn cake that did not have many.   The dish was accompanied with some delicious home made tartare sauce that had chunky bits of gherkins which Plus 1 enjoyed.

Prawn Taco –  I was expecting the taco to be a soft shell taco but it was a crispy taco.  Even though it did not look as appealing the taste was quite the opposite.  Thin crispy taco with large juicy and succulent prawns with a hint of chilli and smashed avocado on top.

Pint of Prawns – Not the best prawns I have had, since our first visit.  These had a thick bread crumb coating.

Scoop of  Clams – were good to try.  You can choose from a selection of sauces.  We choose wine wine, chilli and garlic cream.

NZ Paddle Crab w chilli-garlic butter – Very buttery sauce which was not good for the waist line.  The crab itself are very soft and would not need to use a nut cracker.

Jonah Crab in a lemongrass & chilli tomato sauce w coriander, spring onion & crispy shallots.   As much as I loved the sauce, I did not enjoy the crab as much.  It was frozen and you can clearly taste that this was the case.  the texture was more tough and harder to get out of the shell.  The sauce reminded me of the chilli crab you get in Singapore.

The Jonah crab can get quite messy as you definitely need to use the nut cracker to help break the shell.  The food was tasty and came out fairly quickly.  Service was good and was regularly asked how we were going with our food even when we were ‘stuffing’ our faces with crab.

If you have some out of town guests and are wanting some seafood and do not mind getting their fingers dirty, then I would recommend this place.  For those who are not keen on seafood, Crab Shack do offer meats and burgers.

Location:  Queens Wharf, Wellington

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