Buff Oysters @ Shed 5

www.misopeckish.comAs some of you may already be aware, the famous Bluff oysters have just come into season and there is no better way to celebrate our wedding anniversary and Bluff oysters by heading to Shed 5 for some good casual seafood eats.

We came during lunch, having made a phone reservation the night before to avoid missing out.  There were not a lot of patrons when we were there, which was good for us, as it meant less noise.

Shed 5 - Dining


What speaks more than a dozen of red roses is a a dozen of Bluff oysters cooked in a variety of styles:
Kilpatrick  w bacon, anchovy, chipotle, manuka smoke – good amounts of chorizo and bacon giving  it a nice smokey savoury flavour.
Tempura w smoked paprika aioli –  to be honest, the tempura batter was thick and rubbery, which was not so nice, and the oysters were not as juicy as they could have been.  Could it have been the fact they were cooked slightly to long?
Natural w prelibato white balsamic vinegar – succulent, fresh and juicy, I should have ordered more natural rather than tempura.


Steamed South Island Slole w Crab & Coriander Mousse tomato, galangal, lemon grass * chilli broth, diamond shell clams, snow pea, thai basil, bean sprout and crispy rice salad – I has pretty happy choosing this dish.  Not only did this dish sound interesting it also tasted pretty good.  The cripsy rice salad was basically cooked rice then deep fried till crispy.  you can clearly see the green droplets of lemon grass oil on broth, which semi reminded me ever so slightly of a dish I had a Joel Rubicon.


Big eye tuna char grilled rare w vine tomato salsa, roasted bell peppers, basil, oregano, Prelibato white balsamic, extra virgin olive oil,  buffalo bocconcini mozzarella.  Two very large thick slices of tuna grilled ever so lightly. which was basically an oversized tuna caprese salad.    the only let down to this dish was the inclusion of three stringy bits that Mr Wasabi found.   A good chef would have omitted these out.  It is similar to leaving bones in the fish.


I was hoping that I would be able to find some room for dessert, but was so full from all these delicious dishes we had ordered, that I had to pass.

Shed 5 is one of our favourite and affordable places, so will definitely be back.  I was definitely happy with my steam sole dish.

Location: Queens Wharf, Wellington

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