Celebrating something special @ Ortega Fish Shack

www.misopeckish.comIt is our wedding anniversary, coming up with a short list of potential restaurants to dine at to celebrate our wedding anniversary was no easy task.  I wanted to go somewhere special,  where the food would tickle my taste buds, where staff would be able to go out of their way to make something special where I was willing to pay extra for it.  Thinking of all the nicer eating establishments in Wellington the short list had come down to three.   I ended up choosing Ortega Fish Shack due to the following:

1. had not visited in a while (please check out my previous reviews here)
2. was able to make a dessert that I had wanted
3. had a number of items on the menu that looked interesting

Making a booking one month ahead clearly was not early enough to have a reservation for 7.30pm. but managed to make one for 8pm.

We arrived 20 minutes late, partly due to the difficulty in finding a park.

We were given plenty of time to read through the drinks and dinner menu.  Though I must admit the drinks menu is very very extensive which has something for everyone, which I have not seen in a long long time.

Complimentary bubbles –  we were caught by surprise that we were offered a glass of blubbles to celebrate our anniversary.


French White – Domain Galtier – Quite a different wine than the usual sauvignon blanc, channdaonay etc.   has an unusual taste with a mineral, citrus yet dry taste to it.



Bluff Oysters  –  Who can say no to bluff oysters, which have just come into season.   the buff oysters here come a number of varities – Sherry Vinegar, Gin & Tonic granita or Battered with Remoulade.   my favourit was the Gin & Tonic Granita with its sweet cold and crip favours of the granita.   If Ihad known how good this was I think I would have ordered a dozen oysers with Gin & Tonic Granita.


Paua Ravioli, crayfish & pernod butter, snow pea &amp tendril salad  – 3 very large ravioli filled the plate stuffed with delicious minced paua.   the crayfish butter had a nice strong flavour of crayfish – no skimping of crayfish here thats for sure.  Definitely a much more substatial serving than that found at Logan Brown.  Pasta was nicely cooked with a slight bite to it.


Pan roasted Gurnard, pappardelle, Shitake, silverbeet, walnuts, Manchego, truffle oil & salsa verde Mr Wasabi and I were fighing over this dish, as I am a huge fan of gurnard, shitake and truffle oil.   But I gave in and deicded on anther dish.


The dish itself had a distinct taste of shitake , but could not distinctively taste the truffle oil, in saying that it was a good, nicely seasoned dish.  The fish was cooked perfectly

Blue Nose, sweetcorn risotto, smoked kipper beurre blanc, red pepper and tomato – I was so glad that I ordered this dish, it was light, yet enough to be filling.   The sweetness from the corn risotto balances the flavours of the dish together.  The fish was cooked and seasoned perfectly.  the beurre blanc had the right texture, and amount of sauce on the dish was perfect.  The entire dish was a mouthful of *yum* in every bite.


Green Beans w Parmesan – We try to order a green side where possible or when we can remember.   The beans had a nice charred flavour to it, which still had a good bite to it.


Passionfruit Souffle w coconut pineapple sauce and coconut sorbet – I made a special request for a souffle (any flavour, so long as I had a souffle) when I had made my reservation.  The souffle was turned out of its ramekin, which meant it was double baked, surrounded by a delicious coconut pineapple sauce and a scoop of coconut sorbet on the side.


The souffle is not as light as a normal souffle due to it being double baked, but had a lot of flavour.

Grahams LVB 2007 Port – large serving of port,  darker than usual port


Mr Wasabi was commenting that even though both the main dishes were good, the Bluenose was better of the two.   Great dining experience and out of all the times I have visited this place, this visit was the one that really did it for me, in which I would recommend to others.

I now understand why Ortega Fish Shack came runner up to Cuisine’s specialist restaurant in 2014.  Not only was the food tasty, the service was exceptional, where the staff were able to go out of their way to make this evening a special moment to cherish.

Location:  19 Majoribanks Street, Mt Victoria, Wellington

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