**Ramen** now @ Kazu Yakitori & Sake Bar

www.misopeckish.comYou cannot believe what I found today.  For those of you looking for decent and most authentic ramen in Wellington then you have definitely come to the right place.  As I was heading to KC Cafe to get my Asian dessert ‘fix’, the tofu pudding, Mr Wasabi saw ramen being advertised outside Kazu Yakitori & Sake Bar, which usually opens and serves yakitori (meat grilled on sticks) during the evenings.

I was dying for some decent ramen and suggested we stop to share a bowl.   Kazu Yakitori & Sake Bar offers a good selection of ramen noodles from the original tonkotsu where the broth is made from pork bones, to miso, to shoyu (soya sauce) to shio (salt) broth.   Each different flavoured broth offers a number of different toppings ranging from additional char shu, eggs, bamboo shoots etc.  You can also order it as a ‘combo’ which includes a mini donburi,  or extra noodles etc..    Definitely the best range in Wellington.


Original Tonkotsu w two slices of fairly lean yet very tasty char shu, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts and cabbage, cabbage was a bit unusual, as this is the first time I have had cabbage in a ramen.   The broth itself was rich, good depth of flavour, though the down side was that it was slightly salty for my liking.


The broth was properly made from scratch with pork bones etc and not paste.  You tend to notice the difference as paste is generally more watery and has a shallower depth of flavour.

The ramen noodles are fairly thick than the usual thin ramen noodles that I prefer, but  they were still pretty good and was certainly cooked to al dente.  I definitely did not hold myself back, slurping up the delicious noodles that I could grab with my chop sticks.  If you do not know already, it is customary that slurping your ramen is a must with the Japanese.  Not only is it the ideal way to enjoy a bowl of ramen, it can be downright insulting to the chef if you eat your ramen too quietly.


This is definitely a good lunch time treat if you are ever in this part of town.   I will definitely be returning to try other ramen dishes and goyza’s which you typically eat with ramen.

Prices of the ramen ranges from $12 to $18 depending on your toppings, then you can add extras and side dishes as well.

Location:  Level 1, 43 Courtenay Place, Te Aro, Wellington

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  1. Mike says:

    Probably the best Ramen in Wellington. Have been loTonkotsu Ramen was pretty good, almost identical to a Ramen you would get in Japan. A tad salty though. I have been back a few times now . At the moment the best Ramen in Wellington.

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