Vudu Cafe & Larder

www.misopeckish.comVudu Cafe & Larder is the sister of Vudu Cafe and is perhaps one of the more popular cafes in Queenstown and there are not many cafes in Queenstown.  Most places are restaurants or fast food outlets..  It has been a while since I last visit this place or shall I say its sister Vudu Cafe.

I was expecting a cafe serving up delicious food, though I was astounded with the prices.  A piece of banana cake for excess $10? you have got to be joking me.  I decided to pass on the food and ordered a coffee itself.

The cafe is fairly light and airy with more seating upstairs, so do not be put off if you walk in and find that everyone has occupied all the tables.

Long Machiatto– Coffee beans by All Press, an Auckland coffee roaster.    Not my most favourite coffee bean but will happily drink it if nothing else decent is available.

The coffee was very hot, which meant my coffee was slightly burnt.  I had scolded my mouth on my first sip – very unamusing.

My expectations of this place was far greater than what I physically experienced.    Fairly overrated with prices to match.  I am unsure whether it was just that day I visisted or whether this was the norm.  Dear reader, what do you think of this place?  do you find the prices to be ‘out there’?

Location:  16 Rees St, Queenstown

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