Breakfast @ Wakatipu Grill

Some of you may consider having breakfast at your accommodation, while some may make a trip into town for something cheaper.  we managed to get breakfast included as part of our hotel package.

Hilton Queenstown perhaps offers the best breakfast out of all the Hilton’s in New Zealand. Offering a good selection of Continental breakfast, hot buffet and then of  course items from the a la carte menu.

Some of the standout things for me at Hilton are their freshly baked pastries.  Their Croissants are especially good and even better if you manage to catch them straight out of the oven where they are still warm.

Croissant w Jam – Crispy on the outside, with a good buttery  honeycomb crumb.    this and berry jam is the perfect breakfast.

I managed to have a croissant or two as well as something off the a la carte menu.

Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon – comes in two in which I shared with Mr Wasabi as I can never finish off two by myself.  The eggs benedict are made to order, so you can always guarantee freshness.  The Hollandaise sauce was especially good with a hint of citrus making it not so buttery.

Eggs Benedict with Salmon & Spinach – eggs are cooked perfectly.   And I am grateful that they were able to make something with salmon and spinach which I had asked for.

Pannettone French Toast – not many places use Pannettone for their French Toast.  But when I do, you certainly will find me indulging in it.  The french toast was delicious with the egg custard soaked right through the pannetonne and cooked perfectly. it was still soft and airy with a nice eggy flavour to it.   with a side of maple syrup where you can help yourself to and some mixed berries.

Service is the main let down as some staff memebers say one thing while others say another thing.   Not very consistent, and I think they need a little more training.  Food is good.    Continential breakfast is more than sufficient for those who do not want to spend to much on hotel breakfast.

Location:  Hilton Queenstown, Kawarau Village, 79 Peninsula Road, Queenstown

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