Viva Mexico

www.misopeckish.comIt has been a while since I was last here.  I recall the last time I was here was with my mum, which could have been early last year.

I was craving for some Mexican and my friend B who is ‘supposedly on this  carb free diet, decided to have lunch here for our new year’s catch up.   Viva Mexico was not busy in the slightest.  We decided to sit outside to take in that nice warm but refreshing summer’s air and proceeded with our order.


I Originally wanted the exotic tacos, assuming I could get 3 different fillings, but was informed that I could only choose one filling.   And the only way in which I could choose different fillings in my tacos was to order the ‘tacos’ which were priced between $8-$9 each.

I proceeded to order 3 assorted meat tacos in order to try  a variety of fillings.

Chicken Taco – chunks of chicken which did not have much taste to it. To me it tasted as if the chicken had been cooked in water.

Beef Taco – strips of beef where the menu stated ‘tender’  I did not think it was awfully tender

Chorizo Taco – I was expecting a nice spicy meat, but what came instead was finely minced chorizo that was mild in flavour topped with a little bit of melted cheese.

I had asked for additional sauce as I like my food Mexican spicy.  Unfortunately no matter how much red sauce I smothered over my tacos, it was never going to be as spicy as I wanted it to be.   The red sauce which marketed to us by the waiter as ‘spicy’ was not spicy at all.

Hurachas – my friend B ordered the Hurachas of which he had no idea what it was nor how to pronoucne it.   We were told that the red sauce was more spicy than the green sauce.  So B opted for the green as he does not take spice very well.

The Huracha was the size of a plate then folded in half and topped with beans, cheese, chicken.  The tortilla was made from plain flour which had less flavours than my corn tacos.

Good but incomparable to the tacos in Mexico.  The tacos itself were relatively large and I found 3 tacos to be more than filling.   Would be more than happy to return to get my Mexican fix.

Location:  210 Left Bank, Te Aro, Wellington

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