Coene’s Provisions

www.misopeckish.comWell well well, Coene’s, the sister of Bethalwoods have just opened up at Royal Port Nicholson’s Yacht Club, (formerly Martin Bosley’s).  I decided to take a sneak peak of their offerings or shall I say sample a couple of dishes.

It is exactly as advertised – casual atmosphere with a nautical theme with boat oars acting as partitions throughout the dining room.

We arrived mid morning to their breakfast menu, which did not tickle my fancy and wanted something off their lunch menu.  I was told that the kitchen were ‘unexpectedly busy’ the night before, so did not have much prep work done today, and could not have my salad.  I was thinking ‘really, there are only 2 other couples dining here, I am sure they could make a salad without to much effort’.

I was ‘umm’ and ‘arghing’ what to order and could not possible leave and head somewhere else, since I dragged my mum here.   I was going to order a coffee and something for my mum, when another staff member came by who said I could one of the salads.   I was thinking ‘yes, they do go out of their way for their customers’.  I also wanted a protein (chicken katsu or grilled salmon) on the side, but that was to much for them, even though there was a grilled salmon dish in the breakfast menu.

I ordered a simple salad.  The staff member who took our order had to return to confirm our order as he had forgotten that we wanted – the salad and poached eggs with bacon.   I certainly did not think the order was too complicated especially since there were only two other couples dining at the same time and we had placed our coffee orders earlier.

Long Black – coffee beans are by Laffare, a local Wellington coffee roaster.   I had asked for a little bit of milk on the side.   Coffee was good but would have liked it to be slightly stronger.

Flat White – not the prettiest art I have seen to be honest.   My mum also found this coffee not as strong and not very hot.

Zucchini ribbons, Green Beans, Carrot Toasted Almonds, Feta and Mint – the dish was basically julienne zucchini and carrots, green beans and very little mint.  I failed to see any almonds in the salad.   This dish was very light and I felt unsatisfied and left still feeling a bit peckish.

Poached Eggs, Streaky Bacon on English Muffin with Hollandaise sauce – is my Mums go to dish as she only has this when I take her out for cafe food.   She loved it but then she is no foodie, she’s just happy to eat something different to what she normally eats.   I found the hollandaise sauce to be awfully buttery, leaving this buttery residue in my mouth.  apart from the buttery hollandaise sauce everything else was done perfectly.  Eggs poached to perfection, bacon was cooked that it was not crispy (I hate crispy bacon) and the muffin was nicely toasted where it was still soft.

There is always some downside to trying out a new place when it first opens, and Coene’s certainly needs to iron some things out.  I do not think I will be in a rush to come back for breakfast, though would like to try their ‘plates’ during lunch or dinner, which are geared towards sharing.

Location:  103 Oriental Parade, Wellington

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