St Heliers Bay Bistro & Cafe

www.misopeckish.comSt Heliers Bay Bistro is one of those cafes that have won Metro’s best cafes in Auckland a few years ago and many people have recommended this cafe to me.  As usual on a nice sunny day, there is nowhere better than to have a slow lazy brunch by the waterfront having some gorgeous food.

We arrived late morning to a full house.  There were only spaces at the communial table, in which Mr Wasabi and I did not mind sitting here.

St Heliers Bay Bistro is owned by the same people behind Ortolana, the Takapuna Beach Cafe, Rosies a clutch of other inspired cafes dotted around Auckland.   The decor has a wooden Scandinavian feel to it – you will know what I am talking about when you see it.

There is a selection of counter food items of which was mostly made up of breakfast related bread rolls, and of course their ever popular gelato/ice cream –  which seemed to be very popular with the young and old alike.

I was expecting the menu to be similar to Rosies and Takapuna Beach Cafe, but I was struggling to find something I wanted on their menu, as half of it consisted of pizzette, your usual brunch fair which I was not interested in.  I ended up getting something from the lunch menu, which they were happy to cook for me.

Flat White – Coffee beans by All Press which is a  local Auckland coffee roaster.  Coffee is as expected.

Long Macchiato –  Coffee was good and came as a double shot espresso as standard.


Smoked Fish Pizzetta – was an interesting pizza topping which I had not come across, which was the reason why Mr Wasabi ordered this dish.  The pizza had a nice thin crust which are made to order which is cooked in a gas fired pizza oven.  The smoked fish today was Tarakihi that was nicely seasoned, which came with a good smothering of guacamole and fresh salad greens to garnish.   The pizzetta may not look filling but it was more than enough for Mr Wasabi.

Market Fish of The Day – Swordfish with bulgar wheat.   I was expecting a bed of bulgar wheat in which my fish would be sitting on top of.  The dish came out like a scattered piece of art.  where the bulgar wheat was scattered all over the dish and then  the sword fish  placed in the middle.  The fish was perfectly cooked but lacked that cracked pepper seasoning that I was after.  Luckily enough there was a pepper grinder  in the middle of the table.  Even though the dish did not look large, it was definitely filling especially with the bulgar wheat.

Good cafe if you want to be by the seaside.   the service is excellent where the staff know the menu and are able to recommend you something based on what you feel like eating.   In saying that I much prefer the food at either Rosies or Takapuna Beach Cafe which is more towards my tastebuds liking.

Location:  387 Tamaki Drive, St Heliers, Auckland

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