In Search for Wellington’s Best Iced Coffee

www.misopeckish.comIt that time of the year again when the days are long and hot and all you want is something cold to drink.  No I am not talking beers or wine, I am still talking about our favourite beverage, the coffee.  I do not know what is with me but always wanting a nice good iced coffee.

I cannot possible have an iced coffee at all the cafes in Wellington, but these are the ones I have tried:

Cafe Laffare –  been told that ice cream is used in their ice coffee.  I was thinking great! a ball of ice cream for me to saviour  over my cold sweet creamy coffee.  IT definitely was not what i was expecting as they blended the ice cream into the coffee and  then cream on top.  making it look more like a smoothie than a traditional iced coffee.   Not the best to be honest as I was expecting a ball of ice cream.

Location:  27 College Street, Te Aro, Wellington

Plum Cafe – double espresso, cold milk, ice  and most importantly 2 scoops of ice cream.  simply delicious, sweet, creamy and cold. However i did not seen the second scoop of ice cream as I feared it had melted under the eat of the double espresso shot… comes with chocolate fish and two marshmallows. devine.  Service was a bit slow.  I had ordered drink only and that took in excess of 10 minutes to arrive.

Location:  103 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington

Mojo – ordered an iced coffee to go, which was served in those takeaway smoothie cups.  The iced coffee was described to me as double shot espresso, cold milk, ice and ice cream.  It sounded good as it contained ice cream.  Similar to Plum Cafe, it took a fair while for the iced coffee to arrive.  On my first sip it was not sweet at all and I had to go back asking for some sugar syrup to be dded toga e it the sweetness I was wanting.  there was no ice cream ball as it had already melted.

Location:  37 Customhouse Quay, Wellington

Memphis Belle – The closest thing I could see for to an iced coffee was Summer Brown – a double shot express topped with cold milk.  the only thing it was missing was a ball of ice cream.  But I was not complaining as it certainly hit the spot that I was looking at satisfying – a cold coffee.

Location:  38 Dixon Street, Te Aro, Wellington

Astoria – I was thinking ‘ah, Astoria must do good iced coffees’.  I was reminiscing a good cold drink with a double shot espresso, cold milk and a scoop of ice cream in my hand sitting in Midland Park.  I called Mr Wasabi to see if wanted to meet up for a coffee and so here we were before I knew it I was sitting outside enjoying a bit of sun with my iced coffee in one hand and my phone and my other hand shading my eyes as I glanced out to the park.

The iced coffee here did not have the scoop of ice cream that I had anticipated, but a huge dollop of cream to take its place with a sprinkling of coco powder on top.  The ice coffee it self was not sweet and the only milk Astoria offers is ‘blue top’ milk.

Location:  159 Lambton Quay, Wellington

Midnight Espresso – One thing I must applaud Midnight Espresso is the fact that they can make your iced coffee anyway you want.  Even though they are a vegan cafe, they do and will serve ice cream and dairy.  They can make your ice coffee from the simplest of espresso shot poured over ice cubes to the whole hog of crushed ice, ice cream ball, cream, double shot espresso.  I went half way with trim milk ice and a ball of vanilla ice cream with a dusting of cinnamon on top.  this was definitely what I was after to give me the afternoon pick me up that I needed.  The sweetness of the ice cream gave the iced coffee the sweetness that I was after.  Good cold drink.

Location:  178 Cuba Street, Wellington

Verve Cafe – meeting up with some ex colleagues of mine over lunch I opted for an ice coffee as I just had a huge morning tea.  The ice coffee was described to me as a double shot express poured over crushed ice, shot of vanilla syrup, cold milk with a scoop of ice cream and a dusting of  Cinnamon.   It sounded like the kind of ice coffee that I was after.

The iced coffee was much sweeter than I had anticipated with the inclusion of the vanilla syrup.   the ice cream was average to say the least.  it was hard as rock where it was prescooped and then frozen again which you can tell from the hardness of the ice cream and that it had formed a yellow colour around the ice cream.

Location:  250 Lambton Quay, Wellington

Prefab – An afternoon indulgence.   The iced coffee here was more like an affogato rather than an actual iced coffee with a double shot expresso poured over a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a bit of cream on top and a sprinkling of cocoa into a short glass.   I was actually disappointed in their iced coffee.


Location:  14 Jessie Street, Te Aro, Wellington

So far, my preference for iced coffee is from Plum Cafe or Midnight Espresso.

Dear reader, have you had a good iced coffee lately?  Do you recommend any places I should try?

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  1. Rachel says:

    if you’re still into iced coffee id definitely recommend La Cloche on Featherston Street

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