Baan Khanitha

Baan KhanithaBaan Khanitha is the brainchild of Khanitha Akaranitikul, a Thai fashion designer who wanted somewhere to enjoy high quality Thai food in a traditional atmosphere with service and cuisine to match her personal expectations, where she founded Baan Khanitha  offering a homely Thai ambiance with  traditional decor became an instant success.

We meet one of our friends D and partner who lives in Hong Kong. who so coincidentally have been in the same city as we were during Christmas for the last few years and this year we were both in Bangkok, so we decided to meet up somewhere for dinner.  My friend D decided to head to Baan Khanitha.

Baan Khanitha has a number of outlets across Bangkok all producing the same high quality food.

We ordered a number of dishes to share.

Som Tam Talay (Spicy papaya & carrot salad with seafood) – You can not make a trip to a Thai Restaurant without ordering a papaya salad.   The salad was fresh, crunch, sour, salty, sweet and spicy. All the usual Thai flavours as you would expect in a Som Tam all exist in this dish.

Mee Grob (sweet and sour crispy noodle) was not soaked in sauce as the crispy noodles were still crispy.  Good level of sweet and sour that balanced each other out.

Tod Man Khung (deep fried prawn cakes) – Another deep fried starter were prawn paste cakes.  I think they would have made pretty good bar snacks and certainly did their part in keeping our mouths busy while waiting for the other dishes to be served. What I appreciated about them were that none of the fried stuff we had were overly greasy.

Pad Thai Khung Lai Sua  (Stir Fried Rice Noodles w Tiger Prawns) –  Another classic Thai dish that we have come to love.    Good flavours of sweet, salt, sour and spicy.   Noodles are cooked perfectly.  Not too chewy nor too oily.

Pla Samlee Phao Song Kruang (Grilled Cotton Fish w Thai Herbs in Banana Wrap) – The fish was moist and tasty.  My mother thought it could have done with a little more spice.  It had already been de-boned and beheaded, so those a little squeamish about being served a whole fish with head still on need not worry here.

Gai Hor Bai Toey (Fried Chicken Wrapped in Pandan Leaf) – Another Thai’s signature dish,The pandan chicken was succulent, tender and full of flavour.  You definitely can taste a bit of pandan from the leaves.

Phad Phak Boong Fai Daeng (Stir-fried morning glory with chili and soybean sauce) – everyone needs vegetables.   Nothing great to say about this dish, it is exactly as expected

Selection of Thai Desserts:

Bua Loy Baan Khanitha (Taro, bean, and pumpkin dumplings in coconut milk)

Bua Loy Nam Khing (Sweet sesame stuffed dumplings in ginger syrup)

Gluay Kai Chuem (Sweet banana in syrup topped with coconut milk)

These desserts reminds me of the delicious glutenous Chinese dumplings that you would get in Hong Kong.  I would not say they are the most healthiest desserts but certainly are tasty, that is if you like coconut milk, as this seems to be the base for two of the three desserts.

Location:  Various Branches. We visited 36/1 Soi Sukhumvit 23, Sukhumvit Rd, Bangkok, Thailand

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