Cafe Habitu

www.misopeckish.comOne annoying thing when travelling between Pacific Place shopping Centre and Causeway Bay is that it is one or two metro stops away, where I thought by the time I walked to the MTR stop I would have walked half way to Causeway Bay.  I decided to walk it and explore as I went.

On my way I saw this Italian cafe and I really wanted an espresso to keep me going having stayed up most of the night  as I had flown from Beijing to Hong Kong.

Cafe Hibitu offers a selection of tea, coffee, brunch items and small amount of patisserie. Having a proper look at the menu I noticed they offered a wide selection of cooked food from quesadillas, burgers, schnitzels, bangers and mash which seemed awfully confusing to me.

The decor was very pleasant with a clean European feel to it making it a pleasant environment to be in.

I decided to get an espresso coffee – a Long Macchiato.  Having Italian coffee previously I was expecting a nice strong yet smooth coffee this was the opposite – bitter and dark which was not very nice.   It seemed more like a short macchiato than a long macchiato.   I now understand why my Hong Kong friends always drink Star Bucks coffee.   This coffee was terrible.  Even I could make a better coffee at home using my stove top espresso coffee maker.

Location:  6 Hennesy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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