Airline Lounge Review: Cathay Pacific/Dragon Air Lounge – Beijing International Airport

www.misopeckish.comMy flight from Beijing International Airport to Hong Kong was the last flight out of Beijing departing at 02:50am.  I decided to take this flight to maximise my time in Hong Kong as my international flight departs Hong Kong at 17:50pm back to New Zealand and to save me a nights accommodation.

We arrived at the airport at 9pm as plus 1 and I tried to coincide our flights together.  He was travelling to Singapore where his flight departed at 00:30am.   I was hoping that check in would be open, so I could go through security and enjoy the pleasures of the lounge.   Unfortunately my plan did not work out.  Check in for my flight did not open until until midnight, so I had three hours to kill.  It took me all of 30 minutes to wonder around the airport with the limited number of shops and restaurants that were open at this time of the evening.  I ended up sitting at one of a handful of seats near the check-in counter and tapped away on my computer.  Thankfully the airport had free wifi which you can connect to.

Initially i was not given access to the Cathay Lounge, after a slightly heated argument and evidence the check in staff eventually gave me access to use the lounge.

My flight was the last out of the evening.  So I was the first to arrive as I had no interest in doing any duty free shopping.  I was greeted by the two staff members in the lounge of which they were wearing a Cathay Pacific and Dragon Air uniforms respectively.   the lounge is located on a mezzanine level near gate 20.

When you walk in, you are welcomed into the main lounge area, with lots of comfortable seating with power plugs for each group of seats.


To the left is the main dining area providing a selection of hot foods, breads, tea, coffee and snacks.

To the right is a smaller self-service refreshment area with snacks, tea and coffee.

Further beyond that is a closed off  area so that it does not disturb other users of the lounge.


There is a good selection of newspapers and magazines mainly in Chinese, but there are a few in English.

With very few people in the lounge, Flight updates and  boarding call was made in person.

Amenities:  Free Wifi, Business Centre (includes computers, fax, scanner, printer),  magazines and newspapers,

Hours:  1 hour before the first domestic departure until the departure of the 
last flight

Location:  Mezzanine level by Gate 20

Verdict: People have complain that this lounge is not up to standard to other Cathay Pacific lounges.  But I personally think it does its job and great use of space with the space that they have.  This is definitely not a flagship quality lounge but does its purpose in providing its customers with an area to freshen up, relax, check emails etc.  Staff are very welcoming and friendly letting us know that our flight will be boarding at another gate.

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