Where to eat in Shanghai

I must admit Shanghai is a place for good culinary foods ranging from the cheap snacks that can be found on the streets to your more upmarket restaurants where booking in advance is required.

I was accompanying Mr Wasabi to Shanghai where he was there for a conference, where I was left to do my own things and to explore the city which I have not visited in many years.

Having read reviews that Shanghai had a lot of street food I could not wait to explore the city and engulf myself with all these wonderful street food, like I did in Taipei, as it is the street food and the food vendors that tells the stories.   Unfortunately I did not encounter any, even walking along the  Yunnan road which is ‘known’ as one of the food streets in Shanghai.  I found nothing during a late afternoon/early evening walk.  I was hoping to  to try a spring onion pancake while I was there, but none was to be found. Was it because I was too early? or were they all on holiday?

However I did manage to try these places out. (Please click on my links for a more in-depth review)

Fried Dumplings aka Sheng Jian Bao

Yang’s Fried Dumplings – Are known for their juicy pan fried dumplings which are also known as sheng jiang bao.  They are slightly fried and then finish up cooking by steaming, the bottoms of these dumplings were slightly crunchy.  The skins have a thick bread like texture with sesame seeds and chopped spring onions thrown on top during the cooking process where they are shallow-fried in a large heavy cast iron pan then finished off by adding water and steamed.


Location:  Various locations across Shanghai, but visited Shanghai First Foodhall, Level 3, 720 Nanjing East Road, Shanghai


Somewhere Special

Lost in Heaven – Specialising in Yunnan Folk cuisine, which is a combination of Tibetan, Dai, Bai, Yi, Miao and Mountain Mekong cuisine drawing inspiration from the recipes and ingredients of the Yunnan province, Burma and Lao where mushrooms feature predominately


Location:  No.17a Yanan East Road Huangpu District, Shanghai, China

 Somewhere Casual

Grandma’s Home – Grandma’s Home also known as Wai Po Jia, is a popular family style chain restaurant in China.    Some of the dishes is fairly innovative in terms of the use of dry ice for its presentation of a few dishes.  Definitely affordable for the quality of food that you get.



Location:  IAPM Mall,  B2, 999 Huaihai Zhong Lu, Shanghai, China


Xiao Long Bao

Shanghai is littered with a lot of eateries serving these delicious little juicy morsels.  Two of the better places which I have dined at are:

Jia Jia Tang Bao – If you are not willing to fork out a little fortune for some xiao long boa at Ding Tai Fung, but you still want to have some good decent xiao long bao? then give Jia Jia Tang Bao a try.  Their dumplings are up there with that of Ding Tai Fung without the price tag or decor.  This is more a of a place where you come, order as many as you want, slowly devour these delicious little morsels and go.


Location:   90 Huanghe Lu, near Fengyang Lu, Shanghai, China

Ding Tai Fung – Nothing beats the successful and famous Taiwanese restaurant serving delicious yet delicate dumplings, who are famous for their xiao long bao.  There are a number of branches dotted around Shanghai, and they would not be hard to miss.  You should  expect clean, air conditioned restaurants.


Location: Various locations throughout Shanghai.  We visited JKC Outlet, N4-15, 4 Floor, N1515, Nanjing West Road, Shanghai, China

Portugese Egg Tarts

Lillian Bakery If you love the egg tarts in Macau, then you will certainly love these egg tarts with their flaky, light and buttery pastry casing had the right amount of layers, housing a rich creamy, silky custard that is delicate yet soft, but still held its form, was something from heaven.


Location:  Various locations throughout Shanghai.  We visited



Suzhou Shì Yuè Bĭng – Is a moon cake made with flaky pastry instead of the usual short crust chewy pastry filled with either a sweet black sesame past or a more savoury pork filling.


Location:  Number of bakeries throughout Shanghai have these.  Look for ones with the long queues.  We visited Lao Da Fang, 536 Nanjing Dong Lu, near Fujian Zhong Lu, Shanghai, China

There are so many more places which I would love to try as time was upon me, and will endevour to visit other place on my next visit.

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