Ji Guang Xiang Xiang Ji – The best fried chicken in Taiwan

www.misopeckish.comJi Guang Xiang Xiang Ji – the best fried chicken in Taiwan has made it to Shanghai.   Having always had Hot Star Chicken Mr Wasabi though we should the their rival, which was quicker than getting something to eat at one of the many restaurants in the Superbrand Mall before he shot off to a meeting.  He decided to get the fried chicken from Ji Guang Xiang Xiang Ji.

Ji Guang Xiang Xiang Ji offers more than just fried chicken. such as fries, squid, chicken cartilage and drinks.


Mega Chicken Cutlet – Chicken is cooked on demand in a similar manner as Hot Star Chicken.  Due to time constrainst we opted to get our chicken cut up into small bite size pieces so we can gobble them down as we walked.


The chicken was crunchy on the outside and juicy, succulent and tender inside.   Quite similar to Hot Star Chicken.   If the two stalls were side by side and Hot Star chicken had a long line, I would be more than happy to get my fried chicken from Ji Guang Xiang Xiang Ji.

Location B2, Superbrand Mall, 168 Lujiazui West Rd, Pudong, Shanghai, China

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