Haagen-Dazs – Shanghai Old Town

www.misopeckish.comThe last time I was at a Haagen Dazs would have to be when I was in London 6 years ago in Leicester Square.

Mr Wasabi wanted to have a rest and a coffee and to get out of the heat into an nice cool air conditioned room, so he decided to head to Haagen Dazs in the old town.


I was not interested in ice cream as I could get ice cream anywhere.  I was more interested in dumplings, but I caved in as I am a nice person.

The Haagen Dazs store is long and narrow with a handful of seating.


Iced Coffee – Coffee beans by Illy an Italian coffee bean which is loved by Mr Wasabi.  The iced coffee was creamy, smooth and cold, just what Mr Wasabi needed to keep him going for the day.


We ordered a selection of ice cream and sorbet to share – Flower Blossoms which includes the following flavours: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, coffee ice cream,  raspberry and mango sorbet in a waffle bowl drizzled with vanilla sauce.  this was perhaps the best ice cream to buy in order to try as many flavours as we can.   There were some highlights and low lights with the flavours, but tastes are in the eyes of the beholder.


If you are after some western dessert and coffee, in a clean air conditioned environment then Haagen Dazs is you friend.

Loction:  35 Yuyuan New Road, Huangpu, Shanghai, China

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