Nanxiang 1900

www.misopeckish.comTrying to find somewhere to go serving local Shanghai Cuisine that was simple before we depart Shanghai, we decided to go to the neighbouring mall – Superbrand Mall to pick up a quick bite to eat.

With most restaurants in Shanghai that serves xiao long boa and other dumplings, they all tend to have  a display area where you can see the dumpling chef making the various forms of dumplings that the restaurant serves and Nanjing Cuisine is no exception.

There are a number of booth style seating  in the middle of the restaurant and then tables  along the sides.

We ordered a few dishes to share

Xiao Long Bao – We ordered a small portion of xiao long boa,  as it was exactly half the price of the large portion.  if it turns out to be good we can always order more.   I was glad we ordered a small portion.  When the  xiao long boa arrived, I immmediately knew they were not good.   The skins were thick, but had a good amount of soup .  However the meat  was tough and had this distinct taste and smell to it that you get when eating some pork.   I do not know how to explain this werid taste to it, but I have encountered it several times before.

Drunken Chicken – one of my favourite shanghainese cuisine.  The unique flavour of rice wine in which the chicken has been marinated and slowly poached in especially with corn feed chicken is delicious and tender. Unfortunately on this day, the chicken was  not cooked properly as blood was still oozing out near the bones, which had put me off and wanted to ensure that I stay well for the next few days that we had in China.  Since the chicken was not cooked properly the meat was not tender but tough and chewy.   The chicken had a strong flavour of rice wine which I enjoyed but was a fairly fatty piece of chicken.

Nanjing Style Dumplings in Soup – Sounded interesting which I have not had before.  The dumpling turned out to be a pork and vegetable dumpling in the shape of a wonton, swimming in a light chicken broth.

As you could imagine, the wonton skin was thick just like the skins from the xiao long boa.  The filling of the dumpling was full of flavour. which I quite enjoyed.

Tofu w Scallops – We were both expecting whole scallops with cubes of tofu in a thick gravy like sauce.   Both our expectations were dashed when the dish arrived to our table.  the scallops turned out to be shredded dried scallops that a a very strong flavour to them.  Through all my years of eating dried scallops i have never encountered such strong tasting dried scallops   I am not sure whether the stronger the flavour, the better the dried scallop is or whether it is the opposite.  The tofu was as expected – silken tofu, which is the soft and smooth.

Food here is mediocre and would not bother to return next time.  Dumplings are below par, as you can get better tasting dumplings elsewhere.  Tea here is very expensive.  we were going to order a pot but the price was 38RMB for one.  comparing to other higher end restaurants who do not charge this much.   Food here is relatively cheap, but you certainly can get better tasting food for the same price  if you dine elsewhere

Location:  Superbrand Mall, Level 7, 168 Lujiazui West Road, Pudong, Shanghai

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