Lanzhou Handmade Beef Noodle Soup

Boy did I regret asking the hotel concierge where to go for good local beef noodle soup.  half an hour subway travel to this I must ad mit pretty local noodle shop which I had ask for but certainly lacked the oomph I was after.

Lanzhou lamian (or pulled noodles) restaurants serves as one of the cheapest dining experiences I have had while in china.  As with all other hand pulled noodle shops, noodles are pulled on demand to guarantee freshness.

Lanzhou Lamain shops is a chain restaurant where all the Lanzhou lamian shops generally follow the same concept, making them easy to spot where boys who are probably too young to be working in a restaurant staff the front of the house  pulling noodles, while the patriarch collects the money and sometimes also takes orders from diners.

All the men don a white Muslim prayer cap, while the women wear colorful headscarves that can be spotted when they peek out of the kitchen where they’re cooking up the wok-fired dishes.

There is a picture menu at the counter where you can point to the dish(es) you want to order.

I ordered a bowl of Beef Noodle Soup where I got to select the type of noodle I wanted.  I opted for wide hand cut noodles.  where all the noodle types were on display at the counter along with other condiments.

The bowl of noodles came out in no time at all.  I was a bit disappointed  in the amount of meet that was in my bowl of with a small handful of cubed beef.   But then why am I complaining, 12RMB for a bowl of noodles is a steal.

Good experience but not worth the effort and time to come all the way out here for a bowl of hand pulled noodles.

Location: 2212 Zhongshan North Road, Putuo, Shanghai, China

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