Lillian Bakery

www.misopeckish.comIf you are after some delicious Portuguese Egg Tarts, then look no further than Lillian bakery with outlets all over Shanghai, you sure can not miss them.  They do not just do egg tarts, but also other various kinds of breads and Asian patisserie.

You will always know when you are near a bakery with the intense aroma of butter and eggs being baked in the ovens.

Portugese Egg Tart – layer upon layer of egg tarts house behind a glass  display, you would think that these are at room temperature.

But rest assured with the number of egg tarts on our recent visit to Shanghai all of them have been warm even though they were purchased at different outlets.

Their flaky, light and buttery pastry casing had the right amount of layers, housing a rich creamy, silky custard that is delicate yet soft, but still held its form, was something from heaven.  The best way to describe a Portuguese egg tart is a croissant casing with a cream brulee filling that is torched on top giving off a patchy brown/yellow topping.  We ordered one of these tiny warm, sweet delicious morsels to try.  One bite and I was already addicted, as if it was sent down from heaven.    These Portugese egg tarts were so good that Mr Wasabi proceeded to buy a box of six.  We barely had barely walked out the door and 4 out of 6 had been gobbled up.

Locations:  Various locations throughout Shanghai. We visited the following:

601 Zhangyang Road, Pudong, Shanghai, China

Shanghai First Foodhall, 720 Nanjing East Road, Shanghai

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