Cuba Cafe

www.misopeckish.comKnowing we were going to  Palmy I thought I would hold off eating until lunch time to go out for a cafe in Palmerston North.  Unfortunately our journey took longer  than expected and ended up getting there mid afternoon.

Unfortunately the in’laws had already eaten and Mr Wasabi had muted on some sausages in Otaki, which left me in limbo.

I knew there was a street in Palmerston North called ‘George Street’ that has a number of cafes dotted along this street.  We walked pasta few, and since I was the only one eating, I decided to head to Cuba Cafe.

Cuba Cafe offers a good selection of sweet and savoury counterfood items, but by the time we arrived most of the savoury items had gone, with the exception of sandwiches and healthy looking slices.

I wanted something filling but light, but there was very little on the menu that I wanted, so I asked one of the staff members if they can concoct something up for me.

I wanted some salad and some fish.   I ended up getting Pan Fried Fish, on a  bed of salad greens with pear, blue cheese, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, red onions and balsamic dressing the salad was simply delicious!..lots and large chunks of blue cheese which i just loved, perhaps a too much, but I was happy with it.   the fish was seared nicely  not over done.

Feijoa Juice – juice is by lucy juicy which Mr Wasabi thought tasted quite nice until I told him of the brand, which generally quite


Peppermint Tea – normal peppermint tea as you would come to expect.  You can choose either a small or large pot of tea

Cuba Cafe is perhaps the best and most popular cafe amongst the locals.  Where there was a constant stream of customers flowing in through the doors while we were there mid afternoon.

Location:   236 Cuba Street, Palmerston North

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