Cafe Hanoi

www.misopeckish.comVisiting Auckland over a weekend, without a car, so we decided to plant our roots in and around britomart.  Which a few years ago, use to be nothing except a few office building.  A few years on, Britomat has become a vibrant place with a number of eateries and bars drawing a nice crowd all times of the day.

We decided to give some of our freinds a call for a catch up at Cafe Hanoi.  Something fresh and light that would cater to all tastes.

Arriving at 7.30pm there was a wait, so we were seated at the bar, where conincidentlly we were also able to order a few dishes while we waiting for a table to become free.

Service was very good.   The bar tender more than welcomed us and kept us entered and ensure our drinks were bottomless.   and was able to recommend a few dishes to us.

Green Papaya Salad – Green papaya seems to be quite hard to get in New Zealand, so when I see the opporutinity to order green papapya salad I would take it without any hesitation.  I would have to say that papaya salad is one of my favourite salads in Thailand and will always order one when I am there even if it its from a local street vendor.

The salad was refreshing with the right balance of sweet, salty and sour flavours.  Portiion is on the small side, but is always welcoming.

Glass Noodles w Prawns, Squid and Pickled Vegetables –  Good flavours with the right amount of seafood.  The glass noodles were springy as you would expect from vermicelli noodles.

Fried Lemongrass Tofu – the tofu was soft and silky.  The lemongrass provided a nice aromatic flavour to the plain and bland tofu.  It is a good belly filler for a vegetarian.

Warm Cellophane Noodle Salad w mushroom, bok choy sugar snaps, pickled chilli and fresh herbs – we ordered this as my friend H is a vegetarian, and we could not go on eating all meat related dishes while dined on rabbit food.    the dish had a good selection of vegetables, but was not my cup of tea as the seafood one tasted better.

Raw Eye Fillet with Chilli w watercress, thai basil & piclkled peppercorn mayo – the beef was tender and full of flavour.  You definitely can taste the basil giving off a nice fraqant smell and flavour to the beef.  Sorry no photo here, as everyone attacked the dish before I got a chance to take a picture.

Sago Pudding in White Chocolate & Yoghurt Cream w Palm Sugar Caramel – Quite a heavy dessert but definitely filling if the mains did not satisfy you. It had the right amount of sweetness where the flavours did not overpower each other.

Coconut Panna Cotta w Lime & Ginger Sorbet was well balanced with the creaminess of the pana cotta and the freshness of the sorbet.  Best presented dish of the evening.

Not the cheapest place to dine, catered more towards local tastebuds than being truely authentic.  Good location in Britomart for those of you who are wanting to come to the CBD, otherwsie it can be a bit bothersome to find a carpark in town.

Location:  Corner Galway & Commerce Streets, Britomart, Auckland

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