The Batch Cafe – Take 2

www.misopeckish.comAs I said in my last review of The Batch Cafe, that i would return.  So in keeping my word, I have returned to this great light and airy cafe with food and service to match.

The Batch Cafe offers a breakfast and lunch menu, where the lunch menu kicks in at 11.30am.

Breakfask menu consist of the usual fair of eggs benedict, fresh toast, big breakfast, mince on toast, muesli etc.  between his visit an my previous visit, I noticed their menu had not changed which was a bit disappointing as it is always good to have a changing seasonal menu.  but then if everyone loves the food and the cafe, they will continue to return to order their favourites

Long Macchiato – coffee beans are by Hummingbird, a local Christchurch roaster.   was definitely a log macchiato with additional hot water provided in a small ceramic jug.  delicious.  neither to weak nor too strong and neither too hot nor too cold.

Tea Smoked Salamon – was asked if I would like some cracked pepper.  The salmon was perhaps drier than I had liked.   Batch Cafe hot smokes their salmon in advance and then panfried warmed.  The potato rosti was thin and nicely cooked with bits of crunchy bits on the outside garnished with a few mescalin leaves in a light dressing.  definitely a nice light meal if you are after something  light.

Super Salad w Quinoa, Kale and Orange Salad with the addition of a serving of smoked salmon.   I wanted something light for lunch as I had eaten something earlier on.  The salmon was smoked perfectly.. ever so slightly rare in the centre where it was still succulent.  The salmon is smoked early int he morning and the with each order, a serving of the salmon is then pan  seared warmed.

Daily baking changes daily and one of my favourite things to come out from this cafe is the Little and Friday’s inspired sweet and savoury brioche, of which both the sweet flavours looked and read very appealing.   Since I have soft spot to brioche I ended up purchasing both the sweet and savoury version to take home.  Each of the brioche came  in their own paper bag with a piece of  baking paper to cover the tops so that it would not mark the the paper bag.

Savoury Brioche w Feta and Pesto.  It is always a surprise when tucking into a brioche, as you cannot see what is inside and all the guides you is the cafes description.  Having a soft spot for brioche I made a last minute decision to purchase the savoury brioche on top of the sweet brioche I had already purchased to take away and boy did I make the right decision.

I was taken by surprise to find some sun dried tomatoes, whole olives, chunky bits of feta, lots of spinach large dollop of pesto on top with some sweet caramelised onions to finish off.  This is certainly a meal in itself.  Goregous, soft, moist, full of flvour and perhaps one of the better savioury brioche I have had.

Sweet Brioche w Apple, Lemon Curd and Hazelnut – as I stated earlier I am a huge fan of brioche..this sweet one sounded delicious.  with the inclusion of hazlenuts I knew Mr Wasabi was not going to have any.  All good for me as I will be ALL MINE.

Arriving back home with my brioche in hand, Mr Wasabi said he was hungry and found my bag of treats (brioche). I told him it was a sweet and savoury brioche.  he took the sweet brioche and  started gobbling it down without asking me whether I wanted a bite and before i knew it, he had gobbled up 3/4 of the brioche. and then afterwards said ‘that is awfully delicious’.    I was crying my my hands that most of it all gone.  Apparently it came with large chunky bits of stewed apple and lemon curd in the middle.

It was great that the staff members were able to allow me to make something up at a reasonable price.  All I wanted was some salad and bit of salmon, as I knew they used Stewart Island salmon which is one of my favourite salmon.  It has a distinctive flavour that is not as oily as those found in Akaroa, Nelson or Orakei king salmon.  Batch Cafe was able to concoct something without charging me a fortune.

There is something about this cafe that makes me keep coming back here everything I am here.  Is it partially the service? the food?   I just wish that The Batch was in Wellington, so I can frequent it more often.  For you who live in or live close to Invercargill, I certainly envy you, having such a good cafe where both food and service match each other.

Location:  173 Spey Street, Invercargill

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