Herbert Street Takeaway Fish and Chips

www.misopeckish.comNot being very satisfied with my fish and chips at The Galley Takeaway in Bluff, I decided to find another fish and chip shop in Invercargill.  Having heard the Herbert Street Takeaway do ok fish and chips, I decided to give it a go.

This fish and chip shop is run by a Chinese family who had no interest in providing a nice smile with her service.  But you tend not to go to a fish and chip shop for their service or decor but or convenience.


The asked the lady where the fries were made in house or whether they were commercially prepared. She replied back ‘yes’ and I was thinking ‘yes’ to what? and responded ‘yes they are McCains fries’.  As she confirmed my assumption I decided not to order fries as I already had some in Bluff.  So I went ahead and ordered a fish to try.

Blue Cod Fish – at $5 for a blue cod, it was cheaper than the one I had in Bluff,  the fish was cooked perfectly.  Nice and golden with a thinner batter.  The fish itself was a long round piece of fish.  I am not sure whether I have been ripped off or not.


The fish was definitely much nicer than the one I had earlier.  It was succulent, juicy and most of all a thinner batter.  I have always disliked fish and chips where the batter is extremely thick with very little fish.


The fish here is fresh and succulent with a light, thin crispy batter.   Would definitely not hesitate to come back here again for some fish and chips.  The fish was perhaps on the smaller side, but cannot complain as it is difficult to get blue cod fish and chips back home.

Location: 110 Herbert Street, Gladstone, Invercargill

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