Mamacita – Mexican Anyone?

www.misopeckish.comHaving heard good reviews about this popular Mexican Eatery in Havelock North that opens for dinner only, I thought I would take the liberty in trying this place out after our late afternoon  clay bird escapade in Havelock North.

If you have been to one of the Mexico restaurants in either Auckland, Hamilton, New Plymouth or Wellington, then you will feel right at home at Mamacita.  The same principle applies here too.  Menus are on the table  in the form of a ‘table’ mat offering a selection of small bites, house specialities, tacos, burritos etc on the left hand side of the menu, and the drinks on the right hand side of the menu.

Mr Wasabi and I were not very hungry after our large meal at Mister D earlier on in the day.   We arrived pretty early in the evening, but managed to get a table without any issues.
We placed our orders and waiting for moderately length of time before our items arrived.   this was partly due to a large group  having ordered just before us.   As we waited patently for our items, I noticed that this place is very family orientated restaurant where almost everyone doing in the restaurant with the exception of us were groups of family.    What I had been use to from the likes of Mexico, tends to be couples on a date, group of friends hanging out having a few drinks and a snack.

Ceveche with Coconut Milk –  was more of an Island style ceveche as opposed to a Mexican ceveche.  Today’s fish was terakihi a relatively firm fish.   The ceveche was good, but would have appreciated it more if it had more of a Mexican flavour as opposed to coconut milk.  The dish was large enough to share

Smoked Fish Taco –  today’s fish was a blue cod and that was the only reason why we picked the taco.   The fish was hot smoked, with a good smokey flavour to it.  The taco itself was relatively large, that Mr Wasabi and I was able to share one between us.  If you are after a bit of a kick to your taco, I recommend their chili sauce with the 4 chillies.  Even for someone who can take a good bit of heat, this sauce certainly woke up my senses.

Food was good, the menu seem to replicate that of Mexico.  I am unsure which was established first, but the same principals apply.  If you are not after fine dining, but want something better than take outs, and you are after some good Mexican food that serves items other than burritos, or looking for somewhere decent to go for dinner without breaking the bank, then I would recommend this place.

Location:  12 Havelock Road, Havelock North, Hawkes Bay

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