There are Burgers and there is Burger Liquor

www.misopeckish.comIt seems like there is a burger fad sweeping through Wellington at the moment or the fact that I am more aware of burgers on the menu.   There is now a wide variety of eateries offering mouth watering gourmet burgers from the likes of Grill Meats Beer, Five Boroughs, Ekim Burgers moving into a more central location, Bethal Woods with its smoked meat burgers, El Matador dishing up their wood fired burgers.

As it’s name suggest, this new burger joint specialises in burgers and drinks.  Situated in the old Crazy Horse Restaurant, this burger joint is split into 3 sections.    As you first walk in, you are greet by the bar area followed by one of two same sized dining areas.

All burgers are made to order and there is no mucking around.   We arrived to a near packed out eatery primarily filled with students.  We found a seat near the window and perched ourselves on the high stools.   Menus were already on the tables and not to long after we had sat down we were ordering our burgers.

Fries – crinkle cut fries, similar to the ones you get in the frozen section in the supermarket.   There were a lot of short stubby ones which I did not appreciate so much.  Half of the fries were crispy, while the remaining half was slightly soggy.    Fries were served with malt vinegar mayonnaise, which was runny, creamy with a heavy vinegar flavour, reminded me of having salt and vinegar chips.

Onion Rings –  were slightly more brown than my liking.  They were crumbed with a sweet soft centre of onions.

Venison Burger w gin-infused beet relish, romaine and horse radish mayo – being marketed to me as a ‘rare’ beef pattie, I was immediately sold.  The burger looked ok. What I did notice was the huge white stalk of the lettuce was not removed, but poking out on the other side of the burger and half of the horse radish mayo was dripping onto my plate.

I was ready to take my first bite into this burger which looked good on paper.   I was disappointed that my burger was over cooked.  It clearly was not rare but over done.   The flavours of the burger was good, but the overcooked meat pattie did not give this burger any justice.


Smokey Beef Burger made from chuck and short rib, streaky bacon, onion rings, nim jam & scamorza-  two fat onions  were included in this burger  which needed a skewer to keep the burger together.

I personally am not an onion rings fan in burgers as it takes up too much space, making the burger look fairly ugly.   The pattie itself was nicely cooked where it was still pink in the middle – how it should be.  The scomarza could have done with a little more heat such that it melted more.

The burgers are good, but not overwhelming delicious.   It can get a little messy with the sauce dripping down your hands as you bite into the burger.   I would not go out of my way to eat these burgers, but if I was in the vicinity and craving for a burger, then I would have no hesitation to order another burger.  The burgers are moderately priced when comparing to some other eateries mentioned above.

Location:  129 Willis Street, Te Aro, Wellington

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