www.misopeckish.comOpened since 1996, Situated in Midland Park, right in the middle of Lambton Quay in Wellington CBD.  Offers a good selection of counterfood which changes weekly with some exceptions, and a la carte menu offering breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.  They also cater for special dietary requirements.

This place is always busy and fills up quickly during lunch times.  There is alfresco seating outside that over looks Midland park – which is great during the summer months and sunny wintery days.  Astoria’s interior is fairly dark with an European feel which some people might enjoy.

At the heart of this operation is a 1950’s, gas-fired, 5 kilo, Vittoria Coffee Roaster that allows us to tailor our blend to customer taste.

Food is ordered at the counter, where you are given a number to take to your table of liking.   You are generally asked to wait at the counter for your coffee and counter food items, where as food ordered from the menu is delivered to your table.   Food arrives promptly as and when they are ready.

Water is proved as a help yourself service located at the back in between the kitchen and the toilets.

Pain Aux Raisin – If you are looking for a decent pastry that does not cost an arm and a leg, try the ones at Astoria, which are baked inhouse.   These are much cheaper than those found at Bordeaux Bakery just around the corner.  Large, crispy and flakey pastry with lots of raisins and custard.  could not have asked for more from this mouth watering


Beef and Pumpkin Tagine w almonds, coriander & lemon couscous.  when the dish first arrived I thought ‘where is all the sauce’.  There were 3 large bits of tender beef.  I failed to see any pumpkin.  The couscous was nice and fluffy.  The inclusion of the slivered almonds provided a nice crunch to the dish.   The tagine was nicely seasoned and served at the right temperature, not to hot that it would have burnt your mouth and neither to cold.

Long Macchiato – was perfect! nice and strong.

Feta and Spinach Muffin – like the brioche, Astoria’s savoury muffin flavours changes daily.  and today just so happyes to be feta and spinach.   Can be served warm if requested with butter.   the muffin itself is not at large as thoes found at Verve Cafe, but is reasonable light and fluffy.

Peach and Custard Brioche –  as you maybe aware, I have a soft spot for brioche and Astoria helps to fill that spot espeically when  I am craving for a brioche in this part of town.  The only other place that I know that does good brioche is Fidels, but that is across town.   Astoria’s sweet brioche changes frequently, so you do not get sick of having the same flavours each time.

Blackberry and White Chocolate Brioche – It is always good to see the brioche flavours change frequently.  always made to the same soft sweet consistency, where I can never get sick of them.  though I must admit I do not have these that regularly, as these are fairly calorie intensive with the inclusion of butter when making the dough.

Mushroom and Eggplant – quite small for the price that you pay for a panini.   These are all sitting in the cabinet which is then toasted on demand.  The panini was ok, but not the best.  A bit plain but then I was not expecting flavours to burst out.

Location:  159 Lambton Quay, Wellington

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