Five Boroughs

www.misopeckish.comFive Boroughs is a New York style diner which recently opened a few weeks ago, which I had been meaning to try, as they serve reuben and pastrami sandwiches which I love which reminds me of the beautiful reuben sandwich I had in Sydney at Reuben & Moore.   I managed to convince my friend B to come with me for lunch during the weekday.

The decor is clean, modern with a New York feel to it.  There are a handful of booth style seating, otherwise the remaining seating are in the form of tables and chairs and a handful of bar stools.

There are a handful of sweet pies on the counter if  you are after something sweet after your meal.

After a quick deliberation over the menu, B and I placed our orders and  we only had an hour or so for lunch and we had to get back to work on the other side of town.

Fries – I was after some nice crunchy chips, these fries fell way short of that. they were limp, soggy and lacked seasoning.   At $7, I was expecting slight more fries than the small handful of limp fries that were given.  Very disappointed in the fries.  the accompany tomato sauce which looks like home made was delicious and would have went well if they fires were more crispy.


Cheeseburger – I read somewhere that the meat patties on these babies were pink in the middle.   My friend B ordered the burger.

I asked him if I could have a look at this burger to check out the pattie.  I was struggling to see the meat pattie to be honest.  It was a thin piece of meat that was over cooked.  The ration of bun to beef was disproportioned. B complained that it was similar to a burger from Burger King.  The burger also comes with a couple of gherkins and some paprika crisps which were nice and crunchy.

Giuliani Pastrami containing 250g of hot smoked pastrami served with mustard and gherkins – I was tossing up between the pastrami sandwich or the Manhattan Reuben
House consisting of corned beef, champagne sauerkraut and platinum mayo.   After advice from the staff member who enticed me towards the Pastrami sandwich saying it was massive, juicy and tender.  I took the punt and ordered it.   When it arrived, it was not as ‘massive’ as I had hoped it to be.  It was large but not massive.

As I took my first bite, I noticed the pastrami had good strong smokey flavor to it, but slightly on the dry side.   The bread which is suppose to be a sourdough did not taste like a sourdough, but more like a plain, soft, fresh white bread.   It would be nice if we can choose between while or rye, as I personally think rye would go down well with pastrami or corned beef sandwich.   The sandwich comes with a good dollop of mustard and a couple of medium sized gherkins, allowing you to slice and dice anyway you want or eat them as is.

If you are into your American style burgers, sandwiches and subs, then give this place a try.  But I do not recommend making a trip across town specially to come here, especially for the cheeseburger and fries, as you can get better ones elsewhere.   I felt bad taking B here, as he certainly did not enjoy his meal.   In saying that I quite enjoyed my pastrami sandwich and will return with Plus 1 for another Giuliani Pastrami and also to try the Manhattan Reuben.

Location:  Corner of Majoribanks & Roxborugh Sts, Mt Victoria, Wellington

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